Huang Lei just asked him about the price of paper,The other party said it was pretty,It really seems like this。

But Huang Lei doesn’t believe it anymore,The appearance of the other party is superfluous to Huang Lei。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Speak loudly
First of all his hands are very clean,It doesn’t look like it’s tattered,and also,When this person is talking,Eyes look at the position behind him from time to time,Prove that the other party is wrong。
Then the other party’s dressing and dressing does not look like a tattered one,Even if it looks dirty,You can still see it if you look closely,The other party did it deliberately,He made good clothes like this,It feels like it’s really broken hands。
This kind of over-dressing makes Huang Lei know clearly,Next things know the identity of the other party,Confirmed the identity of the other party again,Huang Lei didn’t think much about it next,Lead him into the villa。
At this time, the old man still hesitated,Seems to think of something else,A little scared,Until Huang Lei asked him again,Why not go in,At this time, the other party quickly nodded and bowed and followed in。
Even if I went in,I was extremely careful and cautious when I walked this way,The eyes are always looking around,I’m afraid that something will happen at this time。
“I said, old man, don’t be too slow,Do you want to collect these things??If you don’t like it,Then I will find someone else,Don’t waste time,I have a lot to do。”
As Huang Lei speaks,The old man strode behind and nodded and said that he was a bit uncomfortable,But still follow the past honestly,Until he came in and found something was wrong。
The old man’s back was cut off,That was cut off by Huang Lei。
The iron rail is directly blocked in that place,Just when I came in,Huang Lei cast a look at the iron rail,The iron fence reacted instantly,Now this old man wants to go,Then it’s really hard to fly。
In addition to Huang Lei and Tie Lan, five bodyguards appeared instantly,The two security guards also formed a small encirclement,Armed around。
The old man in front of him seemed quite at ease,I didn’t think too much at all,Even at this time I am embarrassed on all sides,at this time,He even laughed。
“I just wanted to have fun with you guys,I didn’t expect you to mess up this thing so quickly,Do you think this is really good?”