Although that mask factory now looks like a loser,But the assets are there,It’s worth a lot of money to sell。

And this time,Because of Fang Hao’s performance in the epidemic,Let him succeed and circled a big wave of remnant fans。
The size of passerby fans has also increased several times。
Reflected in the economy,That’s how sales of his books have skyrocketed,New year till now,The above sales revenue has reached several hundred million。
This is a real billionaire。
And still such a young billionaire。
And he is a billionaire who relies on his own ability。
There is really no way to compare。
Liu Qing feels that his current economic conditions are much better than those of ordinary peers,But compared with Fang Hao,Can’t even compare with 1% of others。
Such a rival,How to compete?
The only thing that gave him a little comfort,That’s Jiang Li and Fang Hao’s emotions are just unrequited love,Similar to my feelings for her。
And according to what he learned,Fang Hao does not lack women。
When hiring those female employees,Fang Hao told him half jokingly and half seriously,He won’t act on those female employees,This is to solve the lifelong issues of those male employees,He won’t get in。