“not good,My energy is losing fast!”

Wang Zhenming roared aside,His face became extremely pale。
“Then what are you waiting for,Cut off!”
Sun Qin yelled,Wang Zhenming is bitter,If I can cut off,Cut off long ago,But now the energy in my body is not at my own command!
“Hahahahaha,Sure enough, you humans taste the most delicious!”
The sound of the Fire Devouring Fox,It’s extremely excited in the flame,The surrounding flames crazily poured into its body,And its breath becomes stronger and stronger。
“He actually。。。Is actually absorbing Wang Zhenming’s attribute energy!”
Sun Qin is like hell,I have never heard http://www.pngd-sewing.cn of such a thing!
“Stop talking nonsense,Not hurry to save people!”
Gan Xin roared,Directly towards Wang Zhenming,Kick it out with one kick,But this energy cannot be cut off at all,Sun Qin aimed at the Fire Devouring Fox。
“Combat skills-Black Spirit Blade!”
An extremely dark blade of light,Silently appeared behind the Fire Devouring Spirit Fox,But the Fire Devouring Fox seems to have eyes behind,Just avoided,And the energy is cut off。
Wang Zhenming only feels weak,I don’t even have the energy to maintain the wings behind me,Fell straight to the ground,Gan Xin swooped down to save people。
The corners of the fire-eater fox’s mouth rise,Also rushed straight to Wang Zhenming,Gan Xin has already mentioned all the speed,A flash of fire passes by,Directly penetrated Wang Zhenming’s lower abdomen。
Wang Zhenming died enough,Died in a coma,The http://www.igaoer.cn corpse http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn fell on the ground with a dull noise。
Gan Xin looked at the corpse in front of him,Even more speechless,Looking at the fire-eater fox standing on a tree branch with a genetic lock in his mouth,There was even a trace of fear in his eyes。