He has to be seen by others,He is also playing,He is fighting,Also working hard!

Croatia played hard。
Not just facing Xu Xuan on the defensive end,The offensive end is also annoying。
Chinese team has Xu Xuan,The strength of the defensive end is consciously speaking,Obviously also improved。
Under this pressure,They can only choose to keep moving the ball to find opportunities。
Boyan·Bogdanovic and Saric touched the inside of the Chinese team。
frontcourt,The defender encountered Xu Xuan’s defense,Can only be passed as before。
Basketball flies to Bo Yang·Bogdanovic。
This guy is carrying Zhou Peng to catch the ball,But what makes him feel strange is that except for Zhou Peng,Others didn’t help forward。
I was underestimated?
Boyan·Bogdanovic is a little angry。
He wants to give this bunch of his own guys some color。
Watching the ball land,Boyan·Bogdanovic reaches out to catch the ball,At this moment,He saw a figure appeared in the midair with a scream。
Red jersey,big9Number greeted。