Chapter Eighty Six Met a master

For this reason, he is more anxious than anyone else,I hope this game will go smoothly。
At the beginning he was able to understand the three of them,Tell them how to play next,But the point is that these guys don’t cooperate at all,This makes him a little bit distressed。
Playing with his fire will come,Make him angry,He wanted to tell them time and time again not to continue like this。
But these guys don’t seem to care so much at all,As if I didn’t hear him,I still play with myself,This makes him more angry the more he thinks about it,Just now,When one of the teammates led people to him again,He was angry,He spoke。
“You will kill us if you play like this,Do you want to lose money?Do you want to lose?Forget it if you want to lose,I won’t play anymore。”
Chen Jie said again,The anger in my heart broke directly。
He really doesn’t know what to say,He doesn’t want this thing to be like this,But this guy has done too much。
“What’s wrong with me?I just came to pick up some equipment,Won’t you pick it up for me。”
Chen An is a little unhappy。
He has been holding back the uncomfortable feeling in his heart,From the beginning to now, Chen Jie has been very rude to him,It’s also the kind that doesn’t give face when talking,In front of so many people。
The key is he doesn’t know where he is wrong!
He just simply does what he should do,Pick up equipment,Only with equipment on hand can have an advantage in the later stage,Everyone knows this,Psychologically,He doesn’t think he is wrong。
Even he thinks Chen Jie is a bit selfish,Just pick up equipment by yourself,But he didn’t give it,How can there be such。
This way will not work,Anyway, everyone is a team。
“Can you go to other places when you pick up equipment?What are you doing here?Can’t you see what the situation is now?When you came over, everyone was attracted。”
“What’s it called me?Obviously you cited it, OK??More,They are here,What do you let me do?”