China’s new richest man Ma Yun talks about why investing in football: 11 people play like 10 people _1

China’s new richest man Ma Yun talks about why investing in football: 11 people play like 10 people September 23rd Since Guangzhou Evergrande first won the Super League title in 2011, football has become a key hot word in Chinese society.In addition to China’s 11th richest man Xu Jiayin, Chinese football is also closely linked to China’s richest man, former Chinese richest man Wang Jianlin is a famous football boss in China.Now, China’s new richest man, Jack Ma, chairman of the board of Alibaba Group listed on the New York Stock Exchange on the 19th, also became the owner of Evergrande Club a few months ago.  Recently, when talking about his feelings of becoming the richest man in China, Ma Yun said that he did not feel that his happiest time was the day when he took 70 yuan a month. He never considered becoming a rich man, and he didn’t even want to be the richest man in his community.Ma Yun said that when you have 10 million, what you are thinking about is how to manage your finances and how to buy stocks; when you have 100 million, it means that others trust you, because others can rest assured that the money will be given to you.Therefore, he needs to consider how to spend his money in the future.  So how does Jack Ma spend money?In an interview with international media, he specifically mentioned football. In his eyes, football is an important option that can represent Alibaba’s future.Ma Yun said, I haven’t thought about what company to buy or what industry to invest in.Because today I have only delineated two directions. I have two core ideas. The first is whether it will help our ecosystem and whether it will help SMEs; the second is whether it will help our future, andIt does not help us today.  So today you see that we have bought many companies, which have nothing to do with our current business.But our fun lies in the future, including why we invest in football. This is a culture. 11 people play football like 1 person, China is now 11 people play football like 10 people. If someone is worried that Ma Yun will quit football in the future, Then you can eat a heart-pill now, the only suspense is, how will Ma Yun play football in the future?