Watergate sighed,The battle is on the verge of。

Zoryana said after the blogger,In front are the bloggers and Minyue who run by ninja。
Ever since Electric was kidnapped by a mysterious mask man during a school leave,Bo people have always felt guilty,He has always felt that the reason for the kidnapping of Electric was because he, as the suspension of school travel committee, did not protect him.。
Although the blogger has also asked Naruto about the kidnapping of Electric,But Naruto refused to tell him,therefore,Bo talent decided to go to the electric dad,I think maybe I can get some news from the electric dad。
then,A group of three happened to meet the water gate and anbe players。
“That’s the person from Konoha Anbe。”
Said the well-informed Si Yue。
“Then the person fighting Konoha Anbe must be the enemy。”
Bo Ren geared up for the decision。
“You guys hurry up!Go to Master Naruto,The person who told him to kidnap Electric appeared!”
Saw three children appear,The Anbu players knew their identities instantly。
no way,Who said Bo Ren is the son of Hokage?。
But bloggers don’t listen at all,He just wants to be reckless。
“Zoriana,You go to the Hokage Tower to find Lord Hokage,I am here to protect bloggers。”
Although bloggers like mang,But Siyue is still sensible,He felt that the person in front of him who intercepted the Anbu members might be the companion of the masked man who almost killed himself in the village of Wuyin.。
“Then please,Siyue。”
Zolena said,And then cast the instantaneous spell which is slightly faster than ordinary people and move quickly。
“Zoryana is really nosy,Even if you don’t call a fool,I can beat the man in front of me。”
“It looks like I have to use all my strength,Defeat this guy before the fool dad arrives。”