The persistence of this group of artists for art,There is no doubt at all。

Next is the heroine who is the finishing touch,Li Yiyuan as a child,Shen Huan saw two lively and beautiful faces。
One called Zhang Shihan,8year old,Two years of guest appearance experience in TV series and movies。
The other is Li Wei,Also8year old,5I started advertising as a small model at the age of,Performance experience for one year。
Shen Huan recalled the movie,Because of the reward,He can remember every detail of this movie,Little daughter’s face,Of course he will not forget。
“Ok,I suggest you choose Zhang Shihan for the heroine!”Shen Huan feels that Zhang Shihan has more aura。
“Ok,Zhang Shihan as the starring,But Li Wei needs to be together。”Fan Dan knows that Shen Huan doesn’t understand the rules of drama,“Like this little actor,If you undertake too heavy performance tasks,It’s easy to perform badly。If there is a substitute,Then neither of them will be too tired,The effect will be better。”
She went on to say,“In fact, we will have a full set of substitutes,Also to prevent any problems with the protagonists。Of course you can rest assured,The second lineup will definitely be able to perform,Otherwise, we wouldn’t dare to let them come as a substitute!”
Shen Huan nodded。
He forgot,The role of the little girl is very heavy,A theatrical performance,Almost all on stage。
It doesn’t matter if you play two games,But for thirty or fifty games,Children must not be able to eat。
As for the backup lineup of the talk drama, it is also normal,After all, drama is performed every day,Inevitably encounter some problems,It’s better to prepare than not to prepare。
Next,Shen Huan looked at the、Fraud.Scammer、throughxcriminal、Model prisoner、Options to intimidate criminals。
These five main supporting roles,It is also the most critical part of the plot outside the main line。
In Room No. 7,It is because of their cooperation and active care,So much warmth and touching。
This is also an important performance to show the glory of humanity in the dark。
The image conditions of these actors,with《Gift in Room 7》In the book,Very similar。
As for acting,On the stage of drama,Should be no problem。
After all, a group of people are 30 or 40 years old,To gain a firm foothold in the field of drama,Not an easy task。
So it can be seen,The people of Beihua have been carefully prepared,I want to rely on a professional attitude and preparation,Won the approval of Mr. Chu Liuxiang。