Gu Qiao was startled,Look at Kong Xi in surprise。

Kong Xi knew what she wanted to ask,Frankly admit:“My classmate is in the full house show group,She told me Liu Xin was there。”
Gu Qiao gently“Oh”With a。
In the clear water eyes,Showing a little dazed。
Is it,
I really did something wrong?
Ban Lu sitting on the balcony smoking a cigarette。
In the dark room,Only the cigarette butt of the fingertip flickered with red light spots。
He was thinking about the little things between himself and Gu Qiao。
After the mine collapsed,
The system will definitely give the next target。
In other words,This system is tempting him to go further and further down the road of scumbag。
He thought about,If he really likes Gu Qiao。