Several people slowly approached Lin Yan’s range,Lin Yan could clear his hands and saw a blood stain on the ground,There are also tears in the wings behind。

“The end of the crossbow,act recklessly,This is the fate of offending our Star Luo Empire,I think you are the Young Master of the Wuhun Palace and can keep you alive,Self-destruct meridian,Hand over the soul bone and Jinling Tianxinhua,I will tell your majesty to keep you a dog,Otherwise it will make you dead!”The Contra coldly said。
“Hahaha,Really ridiculous,Want me to destroy my meridians and wishful thinking,I won’t let you get what you want,Come if you want to kill Laozi!”Lin Yan laughed。
Several people looked at each other,Looking at Lin Yan with cold eyes,The three of them immediately used their martial arts and rushed up。
Lin Yan sneered at the three people who charged up,Immediately use the second spirit ability to resist these attacks,But how could Lin Yan now withstand the strongest blow of the three Contra Peak?,The protective shield immediately shattered,Lin Yan flew out directly。
“Puff!”Lin Yan vomited out blood again,Gently wiped the blood from the corner of the mouth,Looking at the three people approaching with cold eyes,At this time other guards also arrived,Aiming at Lin Yan lying on the ground with an icy weapon。
“correct,I still have it,The old man has solved the toxin,Now only it。”Lin Yan immediately saw hope,Immediately took out the Jinling Tianxin Flower from the soul guide,I ate a few leaves immediately。
“you dare,Stop him!”A few people shouted,Rushed up quickly,If Lin Yan really eats this million-year-old flower, the consequences will be disastrous。
“boom!”But it’s too late,The powerful murderous aura immediately made everyone stay in place,Everyone looked at Lin Yan, who was like a murderous god, trembling,The cold sweat broke through their thick armor instantly。
“how is this possible,This is the Realm of Killing God!”
Lin Yan looked at everyone around her with blood red eyes,Slowly exuding a powerful killing intent,I saw it instantly frozen into ice cubes within a few miles,The weak soul master was also directly frozen to death in the ice。
“I said,Don’t want to kill,Why are you forcing me,what!”Lin Yan screamed at the sky,He can no longer control the murderous aura in his body,The three Contras were unwilling to freeze to death in the cold murderous aura,And Lin Yan sat on the ground,Forcibly opened the channel of the inner world。
And the two people in the inner world looked at the murderous Ling Ran in the sky.,This scene made Guo Qi tremble with excitement。
“This murderous,Hahaha,I like it the most,I must seize your body today,Kid don’t struggle,Let this seat fuse your soul,Let you see how we unify the whole continent!”Guo Qi laughed wildly at the sky。
Yuntian trembled and looked at Lin Yan, who was slowly walking down in the air,He can clearly feel that Lin Yan’s murderous aura is devouring all of him,I’m afraid it will be swallowed up in a short time。