“What is the difference between us? Is there any difference between marriage??”

“Of http://www.sagalove.cn course there is a difference,I can get married, I can sleep.。”
“Make a beautiful!”Fu Ying, listened to the full face of his own room.,
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NS258chapter Liang Zhongchun voted from the headquarters
Red economic front is ready to prepare,The pier and pharmacy are prepared for this.,Some business in Zhuang Xiaoman is also。
But this gimmick is still very savvy,Although it is very obedient, she should report anything.,So I want to block her mouth, I need to think about it.。
On the second day, Qi Rui will go to the special class.,Song Jian and Tang Rui still reported him yesterday day in the morning.。
“They still have not left the agent headquarters?”
“no,Yesterday, Tianzuo took a big protector headquarters.,It is about 40 minutes to leave.。”
Shadowo Zhao http://www.art0393.cn went to the agent headquarters,It seems that he is also very concerned about Chinese traitors.,Perhaps now he has begun to make a plan for the construction of Mei.。
“What is Bi Zhongliang??”Qi Rui,
“Staring a few people,It should be a special agent,But according to our observation,These special features seem to be,Not a common party。”
“They are not idle.。”
“They are not idle,The Chinese agent is not idle,Because we found that some people always observe the 67th,We listen to the length of the class and didn’t follow them.。”
“Ding Mun Village knows their existence??”
“have no idea,Class long,Do you want to remind them??”
“Need not,How many killers will not have Ding Ding Village,You don’t have to manage,This ability they have not yet worthy of the empire.。”
“Class long,We speculate that Bi Zhongliang http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn will act in these two days.。”
“No need to be blended,Just know what they have done.。”
Song Jian and Tang Rui continue to stare at the headquarters of the agent,Qi Rui ponders this Bi Zhongliang, who is going to catch someone,Should not be my party’s comrades,It seems that people who are not a power,Who is it?,Is it a renaissance or a Chinese person?。
Rui Rui did not stop,Instead, I went to the training base to supervise the Songchuan Shichero them training.,I have been returning to special classes until afternoon.,Just came back, I received a call from the wine well.,Said that the agent headquarters seized several special agents,Let him look with it together。
Come to the special service headquarters interrogation room,Rui Rui see Ding Mun Village is talking to a known person,This person is the Director of the 76th Action Office of the camouflage.,I didn’t expect him to catch today.。
“Wine long!Long pool class!”
Liang Zhongchun saw Ding Mun Village to stand respectfully salute,He also hurriedly lifted。
“Is it what he caught??”Wine Yihui asked,
“Wine long,Long pool class,This is the deputy station of Zhongtang Shanghai Station, Liang Zhongchun,He has agreed to cooperate with us.,But there is a condition。”
“condition?”Wine Yuehui face sink,
“Wine long,He did not propose any excessive request,I just hope that we can pick up his wife and children.,In this way, he can take care of the imperial effect.。”
“This condition we will certainly agree,Ding Dynasty,You immediately sent people to do it.。”Wine well,
“Yes,Wine long,I want to put a deputy station of Liang.,People who can’t let the military know that he was arrested,Only in this way can you make a network of the Chinese bodies。”Ding Mun Village,
“You decided this thing.,But it is your responsibility.!”
“Yes!I know this,I still believe in Liang Deputy Station.。”
“Yes!Yes!Yes!I am also willing to work for the big Japanese empire.,I will bring people all people from the military Shanghai to arrest everyone.!”Liang Zhongchun is faithful,
Rui Rui has no idea for this Liang Zhongchun,Sino-Division, he never contacted,Even if you want to inform him, don’t know who,I can only let them ask more than a blessing.。