,He has to think about Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun!

He and Liu Xiaoyun were happy for a while,Later, Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun will have trouble,So I can’t bear it,Chaos!Three old satyrs including Boss Lin,Was taken to the lobby downstairs of the hotel,Waiting for the police car to pick up the three of them。And the little girl who got tied up in front,Was arranged to sit on the sofa,Compared with the three bosses squatting down in a row,She is already
Favored。Responsible for guarding the three of them,Except for a few detectives,And changed back to the uniform,Shen Ruoxue with an assault rifle,Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin!This is probably Yang Shiyun deliberately arranged for Lin,Zhao,Huang three people watched。
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Chapter Two and Thirty Six Don’t know why cry
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“This is completely planted!”
When I saw the three pretty girls who were about to be played by myself,When he has become a majestic special forces soldier,Boss Zhao and Boss Huang sighed secretly in their hearts……But including Boss Lin,These three old satyrs can’t understand one thing;How inexplicable,I was caught?Obviously this time it was not accidentally swept by the police who were caught in prostitution,The other party is clearly aimed specifically at yourself!But why is this
Of course the three of them would not have thought;Caught this time,It was a girl who was abused by them a few years ago,I came here to avenge them……
Good and evil are rewarded,Reincarnation of Heaven,Unbelief look up?Who has God spared!Get out,Always pay back,Nowadays,Just want them“Debt repayment”It’s time!
“Would you like to call your sister Ruoxi and Sister Shanshan??They have always cared about you。”
On the way back to the city office,Qin Liang said to Liu Xiaoyun in the car。
“Yep,it is good。”Liu Xiaoyun nodded immediately and agreed,Since the arrest of three old perverted sex monsters,Liu Xiaoyun has always been in a state of unwillingness,Absent-minded,The past,It keeps appearing in her mind like a movie,So she always looked thoughtful

A huge and heavy stone that has been pressed in my heart,Was finally moved today!Although Liu Xiaoyun feels a lot easier,But then,There is also a sense of emptiness and loss。
This has always shamed her,Just reported?She always feels unwilling!She always feels that these three bastards are cheaper!To know that day,She was tortured by these three bastards and couldn’t survive,Desperate!