Xu Xihe also recognizes this brother Wang,Know that he is a famous genius among PhD students。

Brother Wang obviously doesn’t like talking,He looked at Xu Xihe,Jaw head,“Let’s go,Teacher Jin and Teacher Xie are waiting for us!”
A group of classmates were shocked。
what happened?
The loud classmate pulled the sleeve of Brother Wang easily,“Brother Wang,he……What’s wrong with Lao Xu??Something?”
“He didn’t tell you?”Brother Wang is surprised,But smiled,“He and we both entered the lab of Senior Sister Bai’s research group,But it’s the only one among the graduate students!”
Bai Wushuang’s age is actually only23。
24Under the age of。
But they are already going to be associate professors。
Academics have always been the first,This group of peers is naturally to be respected“Elder sister”Up。
There is nothing surprising about Brother Wang’s title,But the content of his words,But it’s because of Xu Xihe.。
Everyone almost jumped up now。
Staring at Xu Xihe one by one,I can’t wait to eat him。