The surrounding everyone has grown up。

I can’t describe how I am in this moment.。
Especially the bodyguards of Miya Paul。
He is shocking than anyone。
Because,He must be better than anyone,How arrogant and arrogant。
And now come to Jiangnan,But I have encountered two people.,Like a head!
Reverse is Thunder,Some of the looks at this moment,I deeply looked at the summer.,This is cold and cold,“remember,My name is Thunder,堡 ‘s boss,Want to retaliate,Laozi is always waiting。”
NS066chapter I gave this forcing.
Palace Porsa roll。
Really rolling。
Watching the excitement of people,The expression is different。
What happened today is for them,It is necessary to talk about a big talk after the tea.。
But in the summer and thunder,I haven’t going to my heart.。
Three people also check out,Leave the coffee house。
Thunder proposes to go to the horses,Summer,Then after seeking Su Xiaoxue。
“next time,It’s already early today.,And my family has relatives today.,My parents have been sending a text message to remind me.。”
Su Xiaoxiao is obviously the type of prostitute,Although family conditions are general,But it is also good for parents.。
“OK then,sister in law,Change the next day, you must come.。”
Thunder is immediately restored to the hanging geese,Judie with the past。
“I will,thanks。”
Su Xiaoyin nodded,Rear view to summer,Glitting a touch in the scorpion,“That……I am leaving。”
“I send you?”Summer road。
“Need not。”Su Xiao smiled and swayed,“My family is not far from the front.。”
Summer nice head,Not asking for。
The two will look at Su Xiaoxiao’s back.,Until to disappear,Still silent。
for a long time。
Thunder is complex,“Boss,You don’t have to do this just now。”
Summer nature knows what he is talking about?,It doesn’t matter shook your head.,“You have your own business now,It is not easy to stabilize it.,And I am not the same,Light foot is not afraid of wearing shoes。”
Toned,His eyes are angry,“Since I know my intention,Why do you have to report your name??”
“Hey-hey。” Thunder smirked and scratched his head,Also,“I am not the people who don’t rely on the mountain.,I have heard of you too.,Is the military’s。”
Both people can see,Palace Paul is not an unusual,So just fighting,Just to pull the hatred,Don’t touch each other。
“Rest assured, boss,If he is clear,Absolutely can’t。”Toned,Thunder’s scorpion flashed,“If you secretly……I can’t see it.。”
I took a shot of his shoulder in summer.,This topic will hit this,The two did not mention anymore。
“Be right。”What did you think of,Thunder eyes bright,“I take you to a place?”
Summer is very beautiful,“where to?”
“You will know when you arrive.。”
Thunder’s car is a domestic horseback,Stylish quite wild atmosphere。