Opposite to it,Be a magic‘inflammation’Chuyang。

If you can,They really want to escape this place right away。
But the rhouse sea is open and closed,It’s a very important ceremony.,All instructor and student,Must appear。
Don’t say it is them.,Even in the Academy of Edition,The highest position of the extreme martial art,Will come to the ceremony。
Member of the Pavilion,All is a proconctor,And the big summer talents of talents……These geniuses are not considered students.,Not a faculty,But a young generation。
They are like college students who have been successful in the outside world.,I have always been the same as the promotor.。
certainly,This is just a ratio。
http://www.diexz.cn all in all,The status of the Pavilion in the Pasta College is very high.,The vast majority of the Wu King strong。
……compared to‘inflammation’,Chu Yang is the most torment person。
It can be said,This assessment,He acts as a non-exciting role。
He didn’t know if the left fish did not promote,But always feel,Some teachers and students look at their eyes,Bring a touch of view、Illegal and contempt。
regret、Atmosphere、Unhappy、Lost waiting for emotional intertwined heart。
Various discussions that are not worn on the ear,Let Chu Yang not taste。
“Wang Hao is too big.。”
“Yes,He will inevitably make a teacher as a teacher,And it will entered the Pavilion。”
“So envious,I heard that the dean’s disciples Du Yu will break through the Wu Wang.。”
“I also heard this.,There is a spirit of Linghai,The advantage is http://www.gaihb.cn too big.,Du Yu is a genius of ten years ago.,After coming out of the Runhai, I became the disciple of dean.,Enter the extreme martial art,In just ten years, Wu Wang.……”“Yes,How many years can you say how many years??”
Wu Wang!For all students,Wu Wang is already happy.,Life!Chuyang’s fists clenched,Face iron green,Want,So so weak。
It is worth mentioning that,There is still one person in the crowd.。
That is Wei Zheng who have been killed by a dead dog in summer.。
If,Chuyang is a loss,Doubtful,Think that others have no good ideas.。
So Wei Zheng people are the most adequate feelings.。
High step on。
Nothing is the same。
As the most famous‘Counter’,Wei Zheng people are more famous。
Almost all students look at the eyes,Bring a faint ridicitial,The look is deep、Flavor。
In the future(summer)After the legend,He is the first stone stone!Wei Zheng people look low,Don’t dare to look at people,Reality is the case。
He didn’t even dare to reveal any angry expression,Can only be lost,Falling into a deep remorse。
As for http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cn retaliation,There is no such thought at all。
Don’t say that this summer will have a huge change.,Only the true strength of both parties,Also。