An eye looked Wei Zhen only Overflow forehead large drops of sweat, she was visible under the feet of the spirit, Shen Beichen mind though distressed, but also know that the only safe Zhen is now under the feet of the spirit, the one in his hand clean handkerchief son, Shen North Star is completely not rush forward as the only safe wipe Zhen.

It took another ten minutes, academics De Wei Zhen unfinished last sharp and subtle arc, in the hands of Langhao pen to throw to the table, holding the Talisman clear yellow paper, carefully blew a spiritual power.

After these have to be done, An Wei Zhen gave his face only slightly, with the collapse of the road a little face: “It is finished.”

After Shen Beichen This handed him the veil, she was careful to wipe the sweat, was concerned and asked: “Do you want to take a break?”

An Wei Zhen shook his head, draw characters is not a simple matter, which draw characters to use energy far more weight and more, draw characters do not just want to know Talisman pattern rest of divination to find Gua want to use, and more importantly, in the draw characters the time to use Reiki to do the boot, which is the aura of success Talisman most critical point.Without Aura low spell, let alone closing spirits, and then went out to the spirits can be laughable, but contains a higher spiritual power of the spell is not the same, the more advanced


  ”Yes.”Zhangzi Xian smiles:” My mother, my father, there was I loved those men, they all think I’m terrible.”
  They think she is not normal.
  She felt they are too weak.
  Afraid to moths, have qualified to say this is love?
  Each time she risked her heart to love people, are also not touching her to hate every sad person.
  The woman angry at her for love compromises, no matter how she coercion do not want to leave the married man.
  She told her only concession to learn to be happy.
  Zhangzi Xian will never give in, she was not halfway half end of love, loved blade to scratch or, to be loved no matter whether the flame burns, she dedicate myself to that person love to equivalent exchange of love that person no retention of love.
  Yu Chak hurt her, because she knew Yu Ze eyes of those are true disgust and resistance.
  Yu Pei and every time she acrimony, cold to right, Yu Pei every time she says “roll”, she knows that she is not rolling he wanted, but go over and hold him, and vowed never to leave.
  He is also the same for Yu Ze.
  Hidden in his acting really bad for her all too clear, but in terms of Yu Ze is not it

XIA away watched the back left of the original Xiao disappeared around the corner of the intersection, recovered eyes, turned around and opened the door brush ban, he returned to his time being also still not particularly familiar home.

  She had been returning home after tossing, moving several times here about the intentions of finishing her most places, that is, the study.
  Study desk, now spread with a little turn to the rearmost students yearbook.
  This is the only life XIA away a Classmates, because people grow up, and then to the university, they rarely get these things.The child, in addition to experimental high school, she hardly and seriously, and students had graduated together.
  This Classmates, she really made very carefully.Experimental High School for two years because I think that when she was reading the most cheerful day so even took it to the city to accompany her to college.
  Plus there are the class instructor, left out of the signature.There everyone graduation large photo.Laughing and joking thirty-two photographs taken when there are spring and autumn tour games.
  The back of the inside pages, or sorted by the first letter of the name.
  Xiao is the first letter of the original Y, so turn from the back, very soon will be able to turn to.That paper

A deep impression, the lighting is transparent on both sides from a height and design.

  Quilted shaped walls let the sun as being chopped down and scattered, like waffles, from various angles lit up a huge museum.
  People lingered ornamental sculptures and paintings, quite enjoy bathing and relaxing in the sun.
  And the night before also stood a white statue of the ancient Greek goddess, still preoccupied thinking about things.
  Flower Mu has seen his next book of the boy.
  Active and happy, while there are infinite talent and potential.
  That role is not the night also, but can have as his general aura and charm, and then was given a lovely personality can fully interact with the story.
  Mu flower stand in place is not nearly far, he looked at the silver-haired youth, revealing a gentle smile.
  He is his muse.
  Little princes did not think would actually enter the palace a champion – and the efficiency of clothes just like with magic!
  At first, Liu Mu smell just like the invisible man in general, look for him every time he touched together to play pick-up are vain people.
  Saowan yard also rub vase, the vase finished with the mop to wipe brick.
  He did not find Xiao Mu, it touches turns to face the never complained better life, which exposed the general look of fear house-elf, salute when even the atmosphere could not breathe.
  Later, Mu Wen Liu gradually discovered

To him several of his colleagues, he saw the two of them exchanged a tacit understanding each other’s eyes.

  ”This is your girlfriend ah?Really pretty, perfect match ah.”
  Xu Xianglin white at them: “What nonsense, she is my sister.”
  He insisted took her to lunch, micro-Xin long decline, however, after dinner, holding back the packaged cake.
  Cake is to set out his brother, the company colleagues also help him set up the cake, so to eat finish, simply let her back with a.
  Xin long micro met downstairs to see a doctor Xing twilight of middle-aged men.
  She was a little face blind, but rather the man to talk to her to say hello.
  A few pleasantries to exchange names with each other, looking at his face, Xin could not help but speak out of turn long micro asked the sentence: “Mr. Shen, Xing twilight of the disease is very difficult right?”
  Mr. Shen look at her, did not speak.
  Xin long micro embarrassing touched his nose.
  ”I’m his psychiatrist,” Mr. Shen had a Club Road, “His condition is very complex, and very eccentric character, I do not convenient to say too much.”
  ”He usually looked quite normal.”Xin long micro tell the truth.
  Mr. Shen strange facial expressions together, asked her to

People, life can not become anything more thing, can only live in their own self-esteem in the so-called inferiority and weary.

Chapter 132 strange phenomenon

  East Bay villa, hidden rage leaves!
  He never expected the woman to poison grass today so many people under the poison, but does it happen that the next target he needs most successful insanity!
  Grass poison woman kneeling in front of the hidden leaf, head down without a word, she does not know how to face their own masters, all because she knows she’s not careful, otherwise it would not become like this now the.
  But most grass poison woman regret was not she did not succeed Chen diving under the poison, but originally prepared under Chen diving insanity she accidentally under the girl’s body, that and she never met was willing for her to come forward out of the girl who.
  This is done in this life she felt the most wrong thing.
  Today the whole table that offended her by her fellow all under the insanity!She wanted all these people are dead tomorrow!
  But she does not want to hurt the girl, but Guchong just how powerful she was very clear, the girl simply could not carry.
  ”I told you how many times!Without my permission under absolutely not at liberty to insanity!”Ye hidden angry shouted:” You start to so many people, those who once accident, people will be survey!We can not find a better, once found out, you

Empty, such as washing, lazy sun to the two threw a hot clothes, the shadow on the carpet tightly fitting, airplane across, covered the lingering respite.

  Later, Lin raw legs trembled, untenable, or Yao Ji ceremony held him go into the room to clean toilets.
  Since the last time Lin was born, Yao Ji ceremony in the room prepared with clean clothes, especially underwear.Dressed help forest health, Yao Ji ceremony held him, lying in bed, “to sleep about it?”
  Forest Health’s eyes was the boss and bright, a good sleep last night, now just a little tired body, but the spirit is also particularly good.
  Yao Ji ceremony is not how the storm, and his tenderness for a moment, just a moment to deal with the outside is a mess of their downtown office, holding a notebook is back.
  Lin-sheng took her hand, looked at his stack of paper printed, the next moment, these paper was stuffed into his hands.Yao Ji ceremony climbed into bed:
  ”The company recently received the book, I picked out a few of these, but also, you do not like to see.”
  As a result, forest health pillow on his lap, took the script looks.In the first paragraph of this we see the first time, it was inside story attracted over, but soon, his clothes collar was Yao Ji ceremony to kick up.
  ”Taken together, this is not good for the eyes

To be rakugo segment, specifically about your black history!!!”

  ”.”You did not even co-preparatory program ah?Lu seventy-one waved, “Whatever, anyway, a lot of you than I am black history.”
  Yu Miaozai Resentment very suddenly, “I am so tangled uncomfortable because you are not?You in the end how you think ah?So they kill each other really okay?”
  ”Do not worry ah.”Lu Yu Miaozai seventy-one pushing,” you said, there may be changes in his crew over there too.Go, prepare your monologues go.”
  ”Talk show called!!”Zhang Yun did not go,” you can not keep up with the times!!”
  ”Comic monologues also requires basic skills it, talk what is required?You do not xenophilia the.”
  Lu seventy-one would not finish, it was Shao Yan patted the arm of the chair snow, “the little fairy, you see.”
  [This play is not a bucket of gold small troupe online self-directed adaptation of it?]
  [This is it plagiarism?]
  [This is directly used copy, ah, this is not right?]
  [Authorized it?]
  [How many dramas have been played countless people over and over again, which is what you want to authorize ah]
  [It is not plagiarism?Anyway, I do not think]
  [Feng beginning they did not say it was their adaptation of ah]
  [Before fairies interview, Guo Yajie said, is their own adaptation]
  [Guo Yajie not say that, that it prepared a drama]
  [Copyright and performers’ rights

, But now there are many older people in eastern Guangdong, talking about Chens still quite miss.

  ”Professor Terman at Stanford University, put forward in the 1950s ‘Golden Triangle’ is envisaged that this triangle is formed by universities, industry and government departments.Continental is not Silicon Valley can learn mode, the founder of a new type of university research, to promote the business community to invest and set up factories around the school, and then by the Government to give policy support, and gradually develop advanced electronic industry, in order to promote China’s modernization!”Chen Shubo explain his own educational ideas to Li Xuan.
  His father, General Chens early in the governance eastern, attached great importance to education, Chen Shubo can be considered inherited his father’s behest.In fact, he had had to personally meet with Chiang in Taiwan a decade ago – Ching-kuo, the statement he hoped founded an experimental university in Hsinchu idea, but unfortunately, for whatever reason eventually died.
  Last September, he should Chinese Academy of Sciences money three – invite strong academician lecturing to return, had the honor at the Great Hall met with the Deng period – old and asked him to explain his own wish to combine theory and practice, you can do a allow students to apply their knowledge of science and technology university aspirations.
  Chen Shubo modified after a year of improvement, most recently at last come up with a feasible proposal.The Hong Kong delegation coincides with the north, he decided to go north together to take this opportunity to personally presented to state leaders.Li Xuan listening to his vision, not by the bright spots, with some new ideas.But he is not worried.Once Chen Shubo and proposals to be submitted up to give specific instructions of the central leaders, and then go into the details with him.

Come, then passed to the Philippines Liu Qin, who received back a look, and soon people to communicate special investigation team from the related matters.

  Zhou Yu case of trying to look at their own these days can be considered fruitful, the mood is good.
  She does not understand the tactical deployment diagram, but Qin Bo able to understand ah, he was able to understand their own rounding is able to understand, this is really a great step forward.
  Qin Yu Bo look weeks in case of bad mood, thought, or he may decide to tell her the tools and try sword being assimilated News.
  But his words have not had time to say, the case of Zhou Yu’s phone rang.
  She was feeling very well called, “Master”, may have not had time to tell his own in battle formation above entry, Ouyang Yan took the news she played a rip off.
  ”Yan Sulin missing?”
  Unconsciously, she’ll have to repeat these words again.Qin Bo looked up at her, and so she should hang up after a few times, just walked up and pulled her sitting on the sofa and asked her what had happened.
  ”Master said, she seems to Royal Park, but the specific gone, who do not know.”Zhou Yu said the event, could not help but corrugated brow.
  In accordance with the principle of nine prisoners Yi Long array, Yan Sulin blood be completely trapped Qin Bo, and if she voluntarily, then I am afraid that the effect will be stronger