The nutritional value of peas snow peas know what you teach

What are the peas snow peas can be said to be a very common dish, I believe many people have eaten this dish, because it is very nutritious, the nutritional value of peas which have together and go and see small series!The nutritional value of peas snow peas which have a high nutritional value, which not only have a certain effect, and its therapeutic effect is very powerful, not only can the spleen and stomach, Tom Lee stool, but also can prevent cancer carcinogenic, beauty, can even use on governance, enhance immunity。
Life, we must take advantage of the nutritional value of good snow peas, and use it to enhance。
Rich in leaves and sugar pea pods in the Netherlands?And enzymes which can degrade in vivo nitrosamines, nitrosamines can be decomposed, has anti-cancer effects。
Peas and vegetables in general different from, the acid contained in the locking branches of a tree, and the gibberellin plant lectins and other substances having antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhanced metabolic function。 Contains abundant in peas and sugar pea dietary fiber can prevent constipation, have a role in bowel。

Meridian Health Meridian physiotherapy key points

Meridian physiotherapy critical point, and now more and more city people understand the health, meridian therapy which is a lot of female friends love to do, then Meridian physiotherapy key points which have together and go and see small series!Meridian physiotherapy key points 1, Meridian 1 physiotherapy key point, the key point: the tip of your little finger Meridian: Hand Shao Yin Heart Sutra method: often rub, pressing the tip of the little finger a heart-healthy, chest tightness, palpitation ,, seasick heavy force when the little finger pinch cutting-edge, can quickly relieve symptoms。 2, the key point: the tip of your thumb Meridian: Hand lunar lung health care methods: frequent friction, has the effect of pressing the tip of the thumb Xuanfei, Lee lung, help maintain respiratory health。
Especially in autumn and winter, hand lunar lung meridians run, it is the best time to respiratory health。 In addition, heavy exertion pinch the tip of the thumb, but also to relieve cough symptoms。
3, the key point: the central meridian therapy palm critical point belongs Meridian: Pericardium by health care methods: squeeze often with the index finger knuckle palm center can promote blood circulation, have a certain effect on conditioning, color。
In addition, there are heart-healthy。 4, the key points: Jianwo belongs meridian: Hand Shaoyang triple burner。

Five cases five cases use caution Radix Radix

Most is the use of Radix, Radix this drug usage is high。 Ill have to choose the right medicine to cure。 Radix is not for all。
So, under what circumstances eat Radix?What circumstances it can not be used Radix?We take a look。
Radix use the following symptoms: 1 line fever, high fever coma。
2.Yu lung phlegm, thick yellow sputum。 3, liver and gallbladder damp heat, two will be negative。
4.Poison boils carbuncle, swelling carbuncle。
5.Suddenly spit bleed at the nose, blood red。
Where there are any of the above, and see red tongue, greasy number strong person, can be selected Radix treatment。
Five cases using Radix Radix five cases with caution if the following five medical problems arise, should be used with caution: 1 hormone deficiency, frequent colds。 2.Patients with chronic gastroenteritis。
3.Hypotension, lethargy person。 4.Allergies。 5.Those suffering from blood diseases。
Others such as suffering from ptosis, peptic ulcer, hypothyroidism, arrhythmia and other diseases, should be used with caution。
In recent years, allergic reactions caused by Radix, such as poor digestive system, blood system reactions have been many reports。
Allergic reactions manifested as dizziness, blurred vision, chest tightness, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pale and so bruising, numbness, or skin rash, severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock, even life-threatening。

Where nine local influence should pay attention to women's health

Local women's health impact of what are now everyone's living conditions have changed for the better, for their own health more attention than before, but our lives still have a lot of places are being neglected。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about what areas will affect women's health, nine places to pay attention Oh!1 local influence women's health, public shower room frequented by some of our pool or gym shower room, is where most contagious foot, because it is not only very warm wet, so we just have to bring their own slippers。
As well as to develop good health habits foot: feet every day and to insist on a thorough clean dry, and this is a good way to prevent。 2, a telephone handset office phone could contain 2,000 different bacteria, but mostly harmless。
But if there is a person suffering from hand to wipe your mouth or rub your eyes after you use the phone before, but when you use the lips touch the phone, or making phone calls, it might be infected。 3, according to the study drug pen manufacturer Rinstead, in addition to writing, the pen is four purposes: crunch with, or scratch the back foot with itchy, or tea with stirring, with water flow channels。
So when you want to pen in your mouth, think again。
And do not borrow the doctor's pen, according to research at the University of Salzburg, Austria, from the patient to the doctor's hand, and then to the doctor's pen, the pen so doctors are many different types of bacterial and viral contamination, including urinary tract infections A small rash and pus (pustules disease) Dermatology。 4 local influence women's health, toothbrush we must remember not to use others used toothbrush, even the most pro-people do not use。 Because our oral bacteria and viruses are retained on the toothbrush。 5, hand recent US study found that 94 percent of respondents say after they wash their hands after using the toilet, but based on actual observation in a public toilet, only 68 percent of the public to comply with "Wash your hands" instructions。
Unclean hands most likely to infect food-related diseases。 6, toilet。

What is the role of the herb herb

⑦ "Jade Catalpa drug solution": dry soil and water, vent drink Phlegm, stasis, Gloomy, go missing, ringworm, in addition to disease, physical Tunsuan to rot, the provision of mountains quotidian, back bones and muscles atrophy soft, clear urinate drowning of turbidity。
⑧ "Materia Medica original": diarrhea supper vent sealing, summer diarrhea improper diet, lower blood spleen wet。 A medicinal compatibility with a dry run, complement each other, spleen and moistening, good governance dysphagia abdominal swelling and spleen moss thin greasy。 Per reference element with reference to the product manufactured by the dry run, the system dry and greasy to the reference element of the product, the spleen ney, Yin by the wet, two good at the long。
Plaster with a temperature of a cold, hardness and softness, heat and dampness not to hurt the organs healthy atmosphere, good governance dampness and heat, the sun Yangming taken by the two Tongzhi meaning。 Summer temperature, wet temperature, strong thermal polydipsia, body weight, the most suitable female short embolism。
Cork herb with what drugs are two gas with magnificent, two bitter consistency, dampness force multiplier; cork too herb, manufactured by cold to warm, and heat loss without the male。
The phase two-phase system drugs, heat and dampness significant skill, the power used to heat the foot of the knee pain, swelling, weakness foot atrophy, vaginal discharge or heat, and see urine dripping wet sore short red, yellow and greasy tongue and other syndromes。
With Sichuan pepper warm in the cold and dampness dampness go, the spleen and stomach health movement can stop diarrhea。 Temperature increase force in diarrhea, cold and dampness can cure chronic diarrhea than Sheng, greasy moss thick cloud embolism。

Cassia Cassia role of efficacy

Cassia role Cassia is a very common Chinese herbal medicines, I believe many people have used, because it ate the body have some help, then what small series together and to see the role of Cassia Cassia role has introduced it!Cassia Cassia role in the effectiveness of the main Liver eyesight, laxative and so on, can be used to treat headache, dizziness, dry stools and sore throat, etc.。
In addition, it is blood pressure, lipid-lowering medicine, which can also lose weight for obese people's sub-health state, etc.。
Cassia addition to carbohydrate, protein, fat, also containing steroids, chrysophanol, emodin, etc., as well as essential trace elements of iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, etc.。 Modern pharmacological studies have shown that components can be contained Cassia regulating immunity, antibacterial, anticancer hypotensive like。 Cassia different degrees of inhibition were Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, pneumococcus。
By acting on the vagus nerve antihypertensive effect, comparable to conventional antihypertensive drugs reserpine。
It can reduce the absorption of cholesterol through the intestinal catharsis, and can adjust the feedback LDL metabolism。 Cassia Cassia role can help the body combat age cataracts and other illnesses, can significantly lower cholesterol。 Cassia Liver eyesight effect "on the diffusely spread Longshu case, the dashed box twist pills Cassia。
"This is a Tang Dynasty poet Bai's poem, the main raw material within the meaning of the poem pill Cassia Cassia is the treatment of eye diseases。

Fall how the treatment of diarrhea eat these foods can effectively control

Diarrhea treatment which is how troubled friends, is a major problem, not only for diarrhea is greatly troubled daily health, is not conducive to health and life。 So, how to treat it Diarrhea Diarrhea Diarrhea how to do, it means that in the fall of diarrhea due to infection caused by a virus, commonly known as diarrhea。
Defecation frequency significantly more than the usual habits, fecal matter thin, water increases, the amount of bowel movements per day more than 200 grams, or contain undigested food or blood and pus, mucus。
Diarrhea is often accompanied by a sense of urgency of defecation, anal discomfort, incontinence and other symptoms。
Two types of sub-acute and chronic diarrhea, acute diarrhea rapid onset, duration 2?Within three weeks; chronic diarrhea refers to the duration of two months or more at 2 or intermittently?4 weeks of recurrent diarrhea。
So how do the experts say Diarrhea, depending on the method of treatment of the case are not the same。 Cause of treatment and symptomatic treatment are important。
Before the cause is not clear, we must be cautious use of painkillers and anti-diarrheal medicine, so as not to cover up the symptoms caused by misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis。 1, acute diarrhea (1) cause of treatment for primary disease causing diarrhea due to treatment。
(2) ① general treatment when appropriate rest abdominal pain, fasting, if necessary decompression。 ② abdominal pain more than those he plays with, where appropriate, antispasmodic antidiarrheal。 Such as atropine, propantheline, belladonna, diphenoxylate compound, tannic acid protein, etc.。
③ severe diarrhea with dehydration, rehydration, correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders。
2, chronic diarrhea (1) identify the cause positive cause of treatment, the etiology and treatment, such as infectious enteritis, identification of pathogenic microorganisms, the choice of sensitive drugs。 Tumor, small intestine (stomach, pancreas) colon fistula required surgical repair, etc.。 When Diarrhea how therapy (2) dietary treatment of diarrhea, there is inevitably digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal disorders, should be used so easily digestible, containing more water, no food on the gastrointestinal tract irritation, and should pay attention to eating meals。 Fat diet is not digestible, should limit consumption。
Spicy foods have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, should avoid eating。

China General Civil Code was born on "the era of the Civil Code"

Since the party's eighteen, according to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and 12th National People's Congress and its Standing Committee will formulate general civil code and civil code codification of the key tasks as legislative work。 General Principles of the Civil Code and by the sub-grouped, the legislature is currently considering the sub-series compiled for the property, contract compiled, edited tort liability, marriage and family and inheritance knitting, etc.。 General Civil Code to provide for basic civil law system, the basic principles of civil law, civil entities, civil rights, civil legal action, civil liability and statute of limitations, etc., to build the basic framework of civil law system in China, laid the foundation for the codification of the Civil Code。
General civil code fine traditional culture concept of our country, promote the socialist core values, emphasizing civil entities engaged in civil activities should follow the principle of voluntariness, fairness, integrity and principles; it should help conserve and protect the ecological environment; shall not violate the law, must not violate public order and morals。
General civil code to implement the State requirements on the realization of citizens' rights to protect the rule of law and improve property rights protection system, strengthen the protection of civil rights, civil subject to further clarify personal rights, the protection of property rights and other legitimate rights and interests protected by law as the Civil Code sub civil and commercial Code and special laws specific provisions provide the basis for civil rights。 After the General Civil Code by the contract, ownership and other property, civil liability and other details General under existing civil law also requires further co-ordination, system integration in the compilation of the sub Civil Code。
Temporarily abolished after the Civil Law by the General Civil Code, Civil Code and the General Civil Code provisions inconsistent with the principle of the new law is better than the old law, general civil code applicable provisions。 General of Civil vote, marking the first step in the work of Civil Code has been completed。
The second step will be the codification of the Civil Code of each sub-series, to be in 2018 as a whole the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee, after deliberation stages, fight the Civil Code in 2020 brought together various sub-series National People's Congress the meeting reviewed and, thereby forming a uniform civil code。
(Reporter Yang Weihan, Rosa) Editor: Liu Siyue。

New Zealand police found the remains of a missing or Department of Chinese fishermen in the Gulf

  March 21, according to the New Zealand Herald Chinese compilation report, New Zealand informed the police today (21 May) that 20 pm local time to find a body in Waihi of HomungaBay, police believed to be missing after a Chinese fisherman。   March 11, two Chinese men fishing in the area。 The same day, a father and son are fishing in the area, suddenly found a floating corpse, inform the police at about 14:30。 The police informed the next day, killed a man's name is YingboXu。
After that, the police have been looking for their peers。   The two men have been described as "primary fishermen" from China, lived in Hamilton。
  20 pm, police found a body in HomungaBay, believed to be missing after a Chinese man, an official of the identity of the remains will be officially confirmed later 21。 Cause of his death will be handed over to the coroner to investigate。

James 49 points and Chris Bosh the Heat win over the Nets 3-1 key three match points to take

  Ticker May 13, Heat away 102-96 to force the Nets to take so as to get match point 3-1。
  LeBron – James scored 49 points, tying a playoff scoring record, he finished 16 of 24 shots and 19 free throws scored 14 points。 – Chris Bosh hit a record one-third of the key, scored 12 points and five rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 15 points。
Bench – Ray Allen 11 points and seven rebounds。   Nets lost in the last minute, Joe – Johnson scored 18 points, Paul – Paul Pierce 16 points and seven rebounds, Deron – Williams 13 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Shane – Livingston 13 points, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 8 points and 7 rebounds。
  Pearce believes the Heat "Big Mac", but not invincible。
"I can do in the locker room, his teammates is to give confidence," Pierce said, "Without faith it is over。 They are not unbeatable。
"A Nets hit 15 three-pointers, in rebounds with 43-27 advantage, in Section Third, they have anti-James only hit two goals, the Nets 104-90 in one fell swoop in order to cross the border, proved Heat can beat。
  Today still is a home game, the main anti-Pearce, James, but early foul trouble, the effect is not good。 Shortly after the opening, James hit the third, the Heat to 10-3 start。 Livingston is the Nets this year's Raiders, he twice fired back, the Nets began the exchange with the Heat。 The two sides full of the smell of gunpowder, the first section occurs three times less friction。 Turn up the score, Anderson hit a three-pointers, the Nets to 22-27 behind。
James first section had 12 points for Houston。   Williams II began with 6 points, but soon eat third foul, but still remain in the field。
James is still overwhelming, but the Nets did not back down, tenacious counterattack。 This section there are 5 minutes and 24 seconds, James break dunk, dunk Lecce also immediately fired back, but the Nets to 40-41 behind。 This half after the holiday, the Nets hit rate has dropped, the last 4 minutes and 36 seconds, only to hit a ball, but the first half only to 49-56 slight underdogs。   James first half, 9 of 13 shots, scored 25 points, Dwyane Wade 10 points, the Heat hit rate%。 Nets hit rate is not Daowu Cheng, Williams had three fouls, Pierce twice。   In the second half, the two teams still based attack exchange, James scored continue to soar。 In this section there are 3 minutes 28 seconds, James made two free throws, the Heat had one arranged all 13 points, but they only lead 73-71。
Since then Allen hit the third, but Lecce and basket succeeded, Anderson hit third, the Nets turn narrow the gap to 1 point。 When more seconds of this section, after James steals, Anderson fouled from behind, then hit two free throws, the Heat also offensive opportunities, but James not in the third, the Heat to 79-76 through three quarters ended。
  Toting four fouls Pierce often critical moment to come forward, the game there are 4 minutes 25 seconds, he rescued the ball from out of bounds, then immediately involved in the break, followed by Livingston pass layup and cause foul, even with a fine cast scored 3 points, beyond 90-89 Nets。 James also to third immediately, but attached blown two fouls, Johnson hit two free throws, the two sides battle 92-92。
  Competition also 2 minutes and 30 seconds, James eat fifth foul, Garnett hit two free throws, the two sides battle 94-94。
  Bosh twice not in the third, again shot in the game more seconds, and finally hit, leading the Heat to 97-94。
Since the two teams have been missed, Wade grabbed offensive rebounds, the Nets had to foul。
  Two in Allen made two free throws, the Heat still in the game seconds to lead 99-94。 Although Terry Bulatovic tipped got 2 points, but Allen has hit two free throws to seal the victory Heat。