All this, because love

Because of love, there is always an expectation。Because of love, there is always a dedication。Because of love, there is always a touch of sorrow。    Love, hate obscure, too hard Acacia。    Xinshou Nian Hua, flower without a word。Is wandering around in the bushes under a Melancholy, powder shake hairpin get, like, etc. of hope for thousands of years。Mo someone young enough to Merry。That kind of love, hidden above the terraced rice paddies, peek into that of a fool, go hand in hand, followed by a crazy-like flowery Meijuan, sequential blossoming, that swept like a good girl heart Qingdouchukai。Love, Acacia into worry those expectations, always beautiful and mesmerizing, and then, disappeared in the mud of the persistent, and thanks hurried Chunhong, heard the sound of melancholy parting sigh, they languish who home of the woman, Jun aware。    Because of love, there is always a look。A long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night。The expectations of heaven and earth, beautiful and desirable, meteor mass hate the helpless, and tell what kind of Acacia; and persistent with a trace of sadness of parting a little, melancholy kind of hard phase solution of。Where people, groaning shortness, monopoly return path。This is a look forward, always arouses pity sigh。However, I had to pity sigh of admiration infatuation Shu Yu。Look forward to working together with people from the reunion, and look forward to the initiation of the Acacia infatuation, the United States was hard to bear sad。If she was able to even the dreams of people from the encounter at dusk, perhaps, also for her Looking back, it added a hint of warm aftertaste。It is because of this incomplete, leaving her expectations, but also worry about how many people's heartstrings。    Because of love, there is always a dedication。This is a look derived from the dedication, floating on the water flow in the long roots。Willing Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy。This full of crazy dedication, smoke filled the water between sunset defeated spend, then, that when they go for water Anestrous not break the oath, this is a persistent also look more attractive。Concubine intends to marry and body, and his break, longitudinal been mercilessly abandoned, not shame。No poetic beauty of painting-like mood, that only one regret, that she is full of poignant and tragic love。However, by contrast, is more in love with this bone-deep sadness。She also regrets that this is a more touching and regret。    Because of love, there is always a touch of sorrow。Love, all leave together also a cause for sorrow and tacit up。Injuries, the high city monopoly, the lights have been evening。This touch the blue lamp, Gu tears phase parting melancholy, no pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish persistent, but a plain injury, it is so touching; and it was compared Lightly people, but he said it is sad people are fickle, and even more tragically ordinary, also easily lead people pain。However, the worry still like Shu Yu, such as silk thread-like subtle sadness, always so confused。Gazing at, from now on have added, a period Xinchou。Scattered in front of the old thinking Xinchou, waiting, gazing at the meet by chance encounter at, it will naturally worry more worry。Under yellow, emaciated children, wandering alone with anyone worthy pick。Whispering, only said one The first, Sorrow。This situation no account can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts, how can such a helpless。Tangled with thoughts, who solvable。Coincidentally, this happens to dye Passions over the sad heartbroken thread。Shu Yu Hai in the heart of this one worry, all the good becomes pale at the moment, so eventually allow this worry over the hearts and minds of Intrigue。    Because of love, with no emotional fireworks cleared, and you would like to make spring catkins silly mess。Love, who no longer had, a rain curtain quiet, worry over sentimental south road。Love, sorrow with King and King and laughing face。Later, all of this, after all leave, become vanished。    This life, die in blossom in death。Oh that when curtain westerly, in addition to yellow, do not forget there are people children languish。

Next year is the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Oracle "Oracle large system" being compiled

  When I arrived at the center, the house has been sitting a lot of people。
Around the table sat in a circle of 13 students is filled with them will be used on Huang graduate, tables textbooks – their own copy of "Yin Ruins Inscriptions on oracle bones", and the volume was turned up edges, densely filled Description of the "Dictionary"。
Both sides of the wall is also filled with chairs, sat the other students and professional learning Oracle from Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other schools in the school。 I hung on the wall opposite the two brands, one is the "Oracle Research Center", which is to undertake a major national project "Chinese character – Oracle Bone Inscriptions collection and collation" in August 2012 after the establishment of the。 There is a sign "unearthed literature and the study of ancient civilizations Collaborative Innovation Center China," which is a liberal arts Collaborative Innovation Center of Tsinghua University to the Ministry of Education "2011 Plan" declaration, which aggregates almost all the research forces unearthed documents and related fields。 University Innovation Center members will take turns to host the annual free training, invited experts in various fields of ancient writing classes to students, so that relatively fine special study researchers have broader horizons。   "2019 is the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Oracle, we are compiling the" Oracle large department "must get out。 "Not long ago, Oracle became Memory of the World, to Huang tree and research centers to bring more of a sense of urgency。   From the "Oracle Collection" to "Oracle large system" since 2011, Huang Tianshu lead students began compiling "Oracle large department"。 "Oracle bones are precious relics, scholars generally difficult to reach objects, have always been the main basis for bones bibliographic research books。 "Huang draft dozens of volumes stroking a room full of trees has been completed, put it down。   General bones bibliographic book consists of three parts Plate, interpretation of the text and the composition of the index。
Most importantly, plates, shaped layout complete and clear plates is the foundation of all research。
Cataloging bones kind of methods are three species, including rubbings, copy and photos, they have advantages and disadvantages, but with these three methods bibliographic can learn from each other, this has been now some small books using Oracle bibliographic。
  Guo early years of exile in Japan Research Oracle, experienced the difficult to find the record book of bones。
After he took office in mid-1949 CAS President, Oracle intends to compile a book cataloging the master。 In mid-1956, twelve years of scientific research in the development of vision, the compilation "Collection" is listed as major projects, chief editor of the pro-Guo, Hu declared either thick editor。
"Collection" from the 1961 codification, the collection of 95 units and more than 90,000 pieces of bones 44 private collectors were identified, selected and rubbing, and then merging more than 80 years of public and private collectors at home and abroad in the hands of the bones handed down rubbings , photos and copy, a selection of films, forgeries, checkweigher, conjugation and staging classification, into "collections" 13 large volumes, in 1978 to mid-1982 together by the Zhonghua book Company。
And "Collection" supporting "Oracle Collection Explanation" (4) "Oracle Collection material source table" (3) until 1999 at a time。
Ins and Outs of over 40 years, found a large bones bibliographic compilation of the book hardships。   "Collection" is the largest collection of rubbings of oracle bones with a large record book, the selection of the most refined, greatly promoted the study of bones。 But the "Collection" is just initial results, academic development, so then there are the "close up"。
"Oracle large system" following the "collection", another large-scale project after the compilation of "co-fill"。   Forthcoming "A series" The book is open 8 large volumes, three-part "Plate (rubbings and copy)", "Explanation" and "Index" component。
The book is expected to total 73。 The same version of oracle bones, rubbings on the left page, copy the right page, read control, very convenient。 Diwu seventeen to sixty-eight the "Explanation"。 The last five as "index"。
"A line" adopt new, more scientific, "said the two-line" instead of the old "five says," while making a copy to each rubbings, and the addition of a new publication, the new conjugated materials currently collected 70,000 pieces of bones and more than a little "collection" more than doubled。   "In addition to the quantity, quality is also a consideration。 Quality "collection" uneven rubbings。
For example, in the 1970s, there is no cross-strait academic exchanges, "collection" can only reprint Taiwan's "Yin Ruins edited text A," "B series", rubbings and more Overwhelming unclear。
Now, these books are cataloging a clear rubbings publication, "A Line" will be replaced with a clear rubbings。
"Huang tree love-hate relationship to this onerous task。
  "More than 70,000 pieces of bones, nearly one million words, nine people, the average person to depict 8000, 100,000 words。 More than six years, they have basically no summer vacation, weekends are often spent in the office。 "As a big senior sister apprentice, Liu Ying was palpable feel bad for everyone。   "This book is not just so far received the largest number of copies and rubbings of oracle bones, shaped the clearest, most complete extension shadow bones cataloging books, is the latest scientific research Jina, on behalf of the current research of new highly Oracle。
"Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage, said researcher Hu Ping。
  Conjugated to is not a simple puzzle game "A line" and "Collection" in comparison, including many of the latest achievements bones of conjugation。   "There must be a subject of new materials emerging in order to maintain their vigor。 There are two ways to source new materials oracle bones, one newly unearthed; the second is conjugated turbinates。
"Huang said the tree。
  For beginners bones are concerned, the first pieces of bones conjugation is very important, just as a child would a good fight again broken porcelain, natural confidence。 It is said that Prince Dr. Yang Zaishi second year, the success of the first edition of conjugated bones, he was excited like a child, no matter is now very late, phoned Huang good news。 "Sometimes the word residues useful, it can be estimated in accordance with the rest of the words on the bones fracture residues edge。 There is a ballast port。
Mix shape of bones ballast port, when two pieces patchwork version, if the ballast port match exactly, is often split right。
"Mobo peak of conjugated sympathetically," Now the bones conjugated more sophisticated, not only positive words to be on the back of the drilling should be consistent, but also the right thickness of bones。
"Center has been conjugated to a first meteor shower observation records in our Oracle。
Mr. Lin Hongming the original "Oracle Collection" counter-16124, 17282 conjugated together, Liu Ying and later added the suffix "collection" 6017 Anti, making the inscriptions more complete。 Which by the "rate of the crystal (Star) West," the words known, is a record of Gengshen night coming to an end, when coming yau day, from east to west across the meteor shower phenomenon。
Young Prince accordingly issued a "meteor shower records Wu Ding era," the article pointed out that the meteor shower Yin Wu Ding period was obtained by observing the earliest records。   From 2010 to date, the results of the team's patchwork – 'bones split set "has been published in four episodes, the patchwork collection of over 1000。 Those in the "A Line" will be reflected in。   Before "more unclear than clear" there is a news caused a sensation。
July 2017, Museum of Chinese characters issued a "word one hundred thousand," the Solicitation Announcement: Interpretation not decipher Oracle, words 100,000 yuan reward; make new Interpretation of deposit dispute Oracle, word 5 million reward。
  Prince Yang also submitted to decipher the article, he said, "Dynasty oracle a word, all BU put this word appears resignation speech cases arranged together, apply knowledge, suggesting that its part of speech and general semantics direction。 According to another body, this analysis inscriptions which can be split into several radical, there may be associated with what body Zhou Dynasty bronze inscription, Warring States later in the text, the evolution of the relationship between the body around as much as possible collusion, a persuasive explanation。 After concluded, take it back to test each inscriptions。
If the context is more fluent, it is likely to be correct。
"After a test release of the results are published, the availability of reference and recognized academic, verification takes time。 Some acknowledged word has been released, with the discovery of new materials, it may be overturned, the academic is so slow but steady progress with。   Teachers and research center of the media, as well as references to the publication of textbooks, Oracle introduced a mistake often can not help but Tucao。
Some Oracle illustrations using the word "pseudo-film", and some photographs or rubbing directly on upside down。
On the origin of some of the words often do nonsense words too literally, many rumors。 Mobo Feng introduced, "an oracle bones like a historical figure, which we mention the word, it would be Bin group, which group, or yellow group calendar group, nameless group, each pieces of bones has its own code, different code It means different excavated sites, Shuji method, drilling forms, inscriptions format。
"More people talks about the Oracle, but lack the necessary understanding。
I wish our experts have the time to write a few brief but extremely accurate and interesting brochure。 "But the more research the more you think, do not know something than to have to figure out, and this is the reason we wrote the article more careful。
"Feng said Maubeuge。

Trump "unhappily" signed 1.$ 3 trillion in government budget

Data Figure: US President Trump Washington, March 23 US President Trump 23 afternoon at the White House announced that he had signed the trillion-dollar government budget, but he was "upset" a lot of the content of the bill "in the future I will never again sign such a government budget."。
  US House of Representatives and Senate have each at 22 pm and 23 am by a trillion-dollar government budget, as long as the US President signed, the federal government can be a normal operation to the end of fiscal year 2018, ie September 30, to avoid the at 0:00 on the 24th, "behind closed doors" dilemma。   Previously, due to both parties in Congress have been unable to agree on long-term government budget, the federal government began in October last year ie year 2018 fiscal year, has been maintained by running through a series of temporary funding bill Congress。
In January and February, because Congress failed to pass a temporary funding case, Trump has twice the government "closed"。
March 23 is the deadline midnight temporary Appropriation Bill by the US Congress by February 9。
  However, Trump 23 early in the morning on social media, said he is considering long-term government vetoed the budget passed by Congress, because the bill does not contain content DACA resolved, and funding for strengthening border security is not enough。 The day before, the White House budget director Mal Varney also opened a conference that Trump is willing to sign the bill。
  Last September, the government announced the abolition of Trump "Childhood entry suspend repatriation" program (DACA) before President Obama tenure launch, but left to Congress six months to solve about 80 million illegal immigrants with his parents in childhood America's "dream life" identity problem。
In January, could not be reached because of the bipartisan agreement on this issue, the Senate failed to pass a temporary funding case, the federal government had "closed" three days。 After the deadline of March 5, both parties in Congress has so far failed to come up with solutions for DACA, but reached a tacit understanding with the government to decouple the Budget。
  23 pm, Trump suddenly held a news conference, said he signed a long-term government budget passed by Congress, but many things in the bill, "happy", he threatened Congress, said "In the future I will never again sign such government budget "。
  Trump also pointed to a tall beside leave the document said, no one read the bill。
The bill was only up to 2232 in the Republican Party officially announced 21 evening, there is not enough time to consider it is a lot of conservative Republicans voted against the important reasons。
  Trump said the reason the bill was finally signed his own bill contains a substantial increase in military spending and other national security content, said Defense Minister Matisse won the largest in the history of military spending。
However, Trump is still highly critical of the Democrats on the issue DACA "not as" real Republicans praised the "dream life" endorsement of the people。   American public opinion, at the time of the mid-term elections drew to a close, both parties in Congress are trying to avoid government "closed," the re-emergence of scenarios。
In the long-term government budget passed by Congress in both the military spending of about $ 695 billion Republican concerns, strengthen border security fund of nearly $ 1.6 billion, including the importance of the Democratic response to opiate addiction, strengthen firearms sales background checks and other content。 (Finish)。

good news!Hong Kong and Macao residents holding Home Visit Permit will be self-service machine to buy a high-speed rail tickets

24, the Guangdong CPPCC held a "Hong Kong and Macao residents about letting convenient take high-speed rail" proposal meeting。
Reporters learned from the meeting, before the end of this year, with Hong Kong and Macao residents Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (hereinafter referred to as "Home Visit Permit") can buy tickets at the self-service vending machine, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other major high-speed rail station and tickets, free but it had to be queued in trouble artificial window。 This year the province "two sessions", 28 provincial CPPCC members submitted a joint Hong Kong and Macao, "Hong Kong and Macao residents to make proposals for the convenience of high-speed rail ride"。 The proposal reflects, Hong Kong and Macao residents to take high-speed rail to the Mainland after booking online as mainland residents with ID cards can not direct credit card turnstiles, we can not get tickets on the self-service machines。 Proposals from the short, medium and long-term three aspects put forward some suggestions, such as setting a special home visit permits ticket window in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai high-speed rail station, set up in Hong Kong and Macao high-speed rail ticket machines and self-service ticket, Hong Kong and Macao residents easy nearest tickets and tickets。 Proposals go through consultations on 24 May, the Guangzhou Railway Group presented a proposal to handle the situation。 Deputy Director Chen Xiaomei passenger at the Guangzhou Railway Group, currently the Guangzhou Railway Group is organizing the relevant hardware upgrades, before the end of this year, Hong Kong and Macao residents holding Home Visit Permit is expected in the self-service terminal in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other major high-speed rail station to achieve self-ticketing check-in。
Guangzhou Railway Group also introduced by China Railway () holding company contractor, has opened ticket outlets in Hong Kong, China 20 (19 in Hong Kong, Macao 1), Hong Kong and Macao to the Mainland visitors in addition to the train station, but also outlets in Hong Kong and Macao to take ticket purchase。 (All media reporter Liao Jingwen correspondent Jiang Ying) Editor: Fei Fan。

Thailand in February attracted more than 3.56 million foreign visitors to China is still the largest source country

  BEIJING, March 22 – According to Thailand "World News" reported local time March 21, the Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry Permanent Secretary Peng announced sightseeing Pompano data in February 2018, which attracted foreign tourists month the number of over 3.56 million people, including the Thai tourism industry was undoubtedly the greatest contribution to Chinese tourists, an increase of 51%。
  According to statistics, in February 2018 a total of ten thousand foreign tourists in Thailand immigration, compared with the same period last year%, which is the largest in East Asia tourists, totaling million, an increase percent, followed by Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa。 During the Chinese Lunar New Year, the number of Chinese tourists to visit Thailand is very large, a total of 120 million passengers, with an increase of 51% compared to the same period last year。
  February 2018, foreign visitors to Thailand than any other country TOP10, were China, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Laos, France, India, Germany and the United States。 As for foreign tourists in Thailand's tourism consumption, bringing to more than 195.2 billion Thai baht in revenue, an increase of%。 While Chinese tourists in terms of numbers, or in the consumer, are among the first of foreign tourists。
  In addition, the first two months of 2018, foreign visitors to Thailand totaled sightseeing million, an increase of%, revenue more than 384.1 billion baht, an increase of%。
  And in January 2018 trip organized by the Thai Thai activities, the number of domestic tourists traveling 12.48 million passengers, an increase% compared with the same period last year, revenue of more than 91.4 billion baht, an increase of%。

These common sense about AIDS, you may not know!

AIDS is a great danger of infectious disease, caused by infection with HIV (HIV virus)。
HIV is a human immune system to attack the virus。
It is the body's immune system is the most important CD4T lymphocytes as the main target, extensive damage to the cells, the loss of human immune function, and therefore, the body is easy to various infectious diseases, and malignant tumors, high mortality。
Therefore, the state against AIDS implemented the "Four Frees and One Care" policy, as follows ": AIDS patients economic difficulty finding four free 1, rural residents and the town did not participate in the basic medical insurance, medical insurance system in the can to the local health department designated infectious diseases hospital or region with a (Division) of the General hospital taking free antiviral drugs, antiretroviral therapy; 2, all staff voluntary HIV counseling and virus detection, can be in all levels of CDC and health administrative departments at all levels designated medical institutions, get free counseling and HIV antibody screening test; 3, pregnant women have been infected with the AIDS virus, borne by the local hospital ARV therapy task of providing health counseling, prenatal guidance and delivery services, the timely provision of free maternal and infant blocking drugs detection reagents; 4, local people's governments at all levels to raise funds through various channels, to carry out psychological rehabilitation of AIDS orphans, to provide free and compulsory education。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Funds face a tight hold shares continue shock or short-term performance of the main line

  Front plate: short-term funds face tightening A shares or continue to hold the shock performance of the main line Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 23 news overnight, as expected, the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by 25 basis points after the policy statement will be roughly neutral。
Asia-Pacific stock market reaction is relatively neutral, closed mixed on Thursday。 In the A shares, because shares sell into the White Horse, major indexes fell Qi。
As of yesterday's close, the stock index fell percent, to points; deep down finger percent at points; GEM index fell percent at points。
  Our central bank have taken advantage of a slight increase in seven days reverse repo operations interest rates five basis points, a smaller rate increases, in line with market expectations, the impact on the stock market temporarily limited。 If the comb recent trend of White Horse Unit, difficult to find, first banking, real estate, coal and other cyclical stocks fall slightly, and now gradually turn to more defensive stocks of electrical appliances, liquor stocks, the decline has spread signs。 This is the easy confidence of the impact of institutional investors, which causes more loose chips。
  Analysis of the industry, although the broader market down space is limited, but the A-share short-term trend is not very optimistic。 It has entered the end of the month because, quarter hours, usually marginal market funds face tight。 The next two weeks is the peak of a quarterly notice, if the investor holds that the blue chips, which should attach great importance to。
For the cycle stocks, you should see some of the more long-term。
Because once the cycle stocks trend inflection point, would be quite amazing lethality。

Chinese citizens from Russia with a prehistoric shark teeth were investigating customs

Overseas Network December 15, according to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian Far Eastern Federal University sources said, who tried to be more than 20 pieces of prehistoric shark teeth with Chinese citizens returned surveyed Russian customs, fossils have been donated to the school museum。 Sources said: "Far Eastern Customs Department Ussuriysk Customs on behalf of those rare fossils presented to us。
Identification determined that these teeth belong to life on Earth Otodusobliguus shark more than 3,000 years ago。 "According to news Ussuriysk Customs, at the border seized from a Chinese citizen who these fossils, the Chinese citizen, said he bought the fossils in the Russian territory。
Museum of Far Eastern Federal University staff believes that the teeth may have been found in the Amur region。
Education Science museum staff Far Eastern Federal University Irina·Wall Arts said: "There are many known fossils of sharks anywhere in the world。 But we do not have such a museum teeth, and now they will diversify our exhibits。
Otodusobliguus living in the tens of millions of years ago, and may be the largest on earth megalodon ancestor of up to 15 meters。
"Far Eastern Federal University Museum of Zoology of the exhibits have been megalodon teeth, experts plan to place it next to the new exhibits。

Russia's ambassador to Britain: Britain will guarantee the safety of fans during the World Cup

  March 22, according to the Russian satellite network reported 22, the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko said that Russia would guarantee the safety of British fans during the 2018 World Cup。   Reported that Alexander Yakovenko said at a news conference, he said: "The fans will be safe and sound。 We are taking all the necessary measures。
Britain and Russia relevant agencies will jointly guarantee the safety British fans in Russia。
Whenever our preparation for international events, will be to work with countries to ensure the safety of all participants。
Guests of security will be guaranteed, the corresponding visa regime will also be introduced。
"2018 World Cup will be held in Russia June 14-July 15。 Russian satellite network previously reported that British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that Russia will be the World Cup as a "public relations", and Hitler practice of the Olympic Games in mid-1936, "exactly the same"。
  Russian presidential press secretary Peskov said the Kremlin believes that Johnson's remarks extremely harsh, insulting, can not be tolerated。

US Lawmakers proposal to suppress ZTE and Huawei Expert: to create "China threat" momentum

  [Global Times special correspondent to secondary] 7th Congress once again pushing a bill to limit China Communications Corporation。 Two Republican senators proposed the date to ban telecommunications equipment from Huawei or ZTE US government to buy or rent。
In recent years, the United States has introduced measures to restrict the development of China's telecommunications companies in the United States space。
An unnamed communications experts on the "Global Times" said that for Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications companies, its communications equipment business in the United States a very small scale。
The United States still has introduced a bill limiting how much effect would not achieve its real purpose is to create China threat momentum。   According to Reuters, Arkansas Sen. Tom·Cotton and Florida Sen. Marco·Rubio jointly introduced the bill, Rep. Michael with two of its contents·Kena Wei and Leeds·Cheney motion in January this year raised similar。 Cotton said Huawei is equivalent to a department of the Chinese government, they are fully capable to steal information by US officials invasion of its own equipment……There are many companies able to meet our technical requirements, China can not so easily let us eavesdrop。 Rubio claimed that from a national security point of view, we can not allow foreign competitors to their technology into US government systems and critical infrastructure。
  History information to the US government in the name of security, impose restrictions on Huawei and ZTE can be traced back to 2012。 That year, the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence released a report, Huawei and ZTE pose a threat to US national security, the two companies was categorically denied。
Since then the United States has introduced restrictive measures against the two companies。 According to Reuters, US wireless carriers AT & T last month due to pressure from Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, to give up the smart phone sales reached agreement with Huawei。
Informed sources, some US lawmakers also inform other US companies, if there is partnership with Huawei Mobile or China, they would hurt business relations with the US government。   "New York Times" said that over the years, Huawei has great value for the development of the US market and take efforts often face political opposition。
United States, "Wall Street Journal" analysis had previously said the US law does not require companies not to cooperate with Huawei, but if the cooperation with Huawei, those companies may have to pay a high political price。   When the Center for China and Globalization He Weiwen, a senior fellow at the 8th accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that in the name of national security context of the government to put pressure on China Telecom companies are consistent practice of the United States Government。 Telecommunications industry itself more sensitive, while China and the US has been greater contradiction in network security, enterprises in the United States suffered in fact is a political issue rather than economic issues。
He Weiwen that the United States to restrict Chinese telecom companies due to fears of Chinese and prevention, so in politics, technology, mergers and acquisitions, set up under obstacles, which have a more clearly reflected in any Trump。   US business impact of political reasons Huawei and ZTE in no small。
"New York Times" said that Huawei's smartphone sales in the United States, but not with the major US wireless carriers, such as Verizon (Verizon Company), AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile company to reach a smart phone companies and other cooperation, the United States and more major telecommunications companies refused to buy Huawei's production of telecommunications, network equipment, which makes Huawei to gain a firm foothold in the United States more difficult。
  Meanwhile, the US is still closely guarded China took over the US company, acquired US technology。 At present, a sensitive technology to prevent China from the US Congress to consider the bill is that the bill would expand the powers of the US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to stop Chinese companies to obtain technology。 However, according to Reuters broke the news on the 8th, due to the many large US companies oppose the bill had to make adjustments to soften。 US companies fear that the relevant bill will make them suffer。   Due to security reasons to prevent the proposed prices also appeared recently in the United States, neighboring Canada。 Chinese pay to build for the acquisition of construction company plus Icahn (Aecon), the Conservative Party of Canada called for a national security review。
He Weiwen analysis on the "Global Times" reporter, it can be seen from a similar news from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and some Western countries to prevent the same mentality and thinking treat Chinese enterprises, but to differing degrees。 It is foreseeable that China's overseas enterprises will encounter more bumpy road。