Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media spoke highly of Xi Jinping's five-point proposal on Taiwan

  CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met with China on the 4th KMT delegation led by Chairman Chu, and the future construction of the two sides put forward five proposals on the fate of the community together to create a cross-strait relations on。
5 ,, published in major newspapers this attention, positive evaluation。   Taiwan's major newspaper the same day in the headlines reported Xi Jinping met with Chu and outcomes of the meeting。
"China Times" published an article that Xi Jinping to "gather different assimilation" crack Taiwan think negative attitude as long as the status quo would be the end of。 The two parties must have the courage to face cross-strait political differences can not be merely seeking common ground, but should strive to gather assimilation, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation we work together to dry, the two sides build a community of destiny。
  "Wang reported that" published an article that, the KMT has indeed reached this interactive consolidate and heritage of cross-strait relations and the deepening and development of two major goals。
Through this forum space and "Zhu Xi will", the two sides reaffirmed to consolidate the "1992 consensus" and indicate its willingness to want to pass down, do not let any person or political party has a right to blur。   "United Daily News" published an article that the two sides exchanged views on cross-strait relations, the future development of cross-strait relations is of great significance。
"Zhu Xi will" once again confirmed the basis of the "1992 consensus" for the development of cross-strait relations, mutual trust between the two parties and thereby strengthen again。
The article said that the future of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation will focus on enhancing the "three in Hitodo 'interests, and to encourage young people to participate in cross-strait exchanges and。
  Hong Kong, Macao editorial in many newspapers, members of the article, certainly, "Zhu Xi will be" significant。 Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" editorial pointed out, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward five-point proposal for the new cross-strait relations, is quite rich, pragmatic。
General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to adhere to the "1992 consensus" and oppose the political basis of "Taiwan independence", hit the key to the current situation in Taiwan。 Taiwan no matter which political party is in power, we can not engage in "Taiwan independence", otherwise it will be difficult to achieve peaceful cross-strait relations development。 Chu responded Chairman also emphasized the will to maintain the "1992 consensus" is the common political basis of Communist parties, which makes the relationship is expected to continue to push forward on a sound basis。
  Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" published an article entitled "Xi Jinping five-point proposal specifies the relationship between the direction of the two sides," the editorial said that since 2005, "Hu-Lien meeting," the 10-year period, the development of cross-strait relations journey has not been easy, it has encountered criticism, obstruct, twists and turns, each They are not likely to go far further。 "Zhu Xi will" send a clear signal to all sectors of the two sides and the international community: any difficulties and obstacles can shake the mainland adhere to the "1992 consensus" promote cross-strait relations continue to develop the determination and the will。
  "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" published a commentator's article, he said Xi Jinping put forward a five-point proposal to further consolidate the common political basis for the deepening of the "1992 consensus" on the correct path of peaceful development of cross-strait relations have been extremely important to reconfirm the front page , highlighting the depth of cross-strait integration of interests, expand cross-strait exchanges between the people especially the young people's attention。
  "Macao Daily News" published an article entitled "Poly assimilation break through the bottleneck of cross-strait relations," the editorial。 The editorial pointed out that this year marks the tenth anniversary of "Hu-Lien meeting" and "peaceful development of cross-strait common vision" Published。
Most of the year's "five vision" has achieved significant results, people on both sides to become the biggest beneficiary。
The editorial stressed that the KMT must firmly push forward cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations develop breakthrough "bottleneck"。 (Reporter He Zili Li Huiying Zhang Jing Liu Chang) Editor: Wang Yue。

Wearing the wrong bra will make your chest injuries!Female friends to pay attention

  The breast is one of the oldest women start aging parts, and most require meticulous care, but some of us everyday habits, but it can make the chest very hurt。
  6 woman lifestyle wearing the wrong bra 1 chest hurts a lot of women like to have a bra lace, beware trigger allergies, breastfeeding women should beware of obstacles and lactation。
Off sleep bra should avoid breast has been oppressed; and should be wearing a sports bra during exercise, so as to avoid or tissue damage。 Tight bra and coat also affect blood circulation, blood stasis caused by breast swelling and pain。   2 Some people like to use improper cleaning spray nozzle breasts, beware of the impact of water flow caused by improper burden on the chest。
Do not flush with ligament DC two shoulder area, the location probably ligaments such as the location of lingerie straps, it plays a role in pulling the chest ligament, protect the ligaments can prevent and delay the sagging。 Rinse the chest from the bottom up with the nozzle, so that the chest can play a strong lifting effect。   3 action rude breasts very fragile, after being violently impact, internal soft tissue bruise easily, or cause internal hyperplasia, severe internal rupture of small blood vessels, forming cysts and even hematoma。 Therefore, the treatment of the breast to be gentle, to avoid external compression, less action to do with his arms, the arms will also hold a serious compression of both breasts, so deformed under strong pressure force。
  4 sedentary lot of working women, premenstrual and menstrual period often severe pain, which is due to sedentary plus the lack of normal movement, resulting in blood circulation disorders。
The lack of blood is the main cause of aging breasts, when you breathe more shallow, blood circulation slows down gradually, breasts and the lack of a sense of inflated sense of expansion, gradually droop。 When there is desk work, often squeezed breast edge of the table, the health hazards of female breast great。
  5 tummy to tummy to sleep sleep very hurt women's health, for breast, it can lead to depression or sag。
Sleeping position is best left to sleep, may underlay a pillow in the breast, in order to obtain sufficient support。   6 improper diet blindly diet, eat sweets, smoking, drinking, eating habits are hurt breasts。
Dieting can disrupt the endocrine to affect breast development。

Sex between men and women in how to get the greatest satisfaction?

Some say sex sex, to have sexual love, sex can get greater satisfaction with the relationship between the two men's relationship, good sex can improve relations both men and women, without good sex relationships will make two thin ice , then how to make both men and women are better met in the sex it?Men should learn a woman sexually suggestive men are more direct, sexual desire comes, it wants to direct the。
And women are more subtle, most women even with demand, it will not say so, more will be implicit method。
If men do not understand women often get angry。
If your woman for no reason throw beat beat eggs inside bones, we should not think that she is dissatisfied with the desire。If you read the woman's hint, but just then a man tired, not force, but must not hurt a woman's self-esteem。
Women rarely take the initiative again, men do not appreciate it, it is easy to make a woman feel unattractive。
In fact, women need sex, it does not have to complete sexual intercourse, even if no sexual intercourse, gentle hug, kiss, love, then rain, so that women will be met。
Woman sexual needs that say it is a woman born subtle, especially in terms of sex。The traditional wisdom is that men be sexually active is normal if a woman is too active is probably an indecent performance。With the development of society, sex is becoming less obscure topic。Gender equality, men have needs, women have the same needs, men can take the initiative, we can say, why women can not?!Editor's Choice:。

Men do not eat breakfast harm men ate breakfast

6.Do not eat are likely to cause gallstones。 The survey found that 97% of patients with cholelithiasis often do not eat or rarely eat breakfast。
7.Do not eat breakfast will accelerate aging。 If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, then the body can not get energy stored in the body can only use glycogen and protein in the long run will lead to dry skin, wrinkling, and anemia, accelerated aging schedule。
8.Skipping breakfast reduces the body's resistance。 Cardiff University, UK in a survey of 100 students found that 10-week, get upper respiratory infections in humans, 80% of those who do not eat breakfast。
9.Do not eat breakfast so that human workplace "chronic overdraft"。
Long-term do not eat breakfast, can lead to autonomic dysfunction ,, thereby causing chronic organ dysfunction。
Men do not eat breakfast hazards 10.Do not eat breakfast affect the brain "switch"。
The energy required for brain activity accounts for 20% of total energy in the body, breakfast is critical to maintain brain vitality。 Men ate breakfast piece buy organic corn flakes, apple juice is usually added to make it sweetened, and with a non-polluting organic soy milk, or goat's milk。

One man!Eight rockets into contention nightmare Odds: In her turn, the Clippers

  Beijing on March 16 8:00 am, Rockets home once again usher in a effort to fight into the top eight teams, the Los Angeles Clippers。
Last game, a rocket hit the western war Spurs from seventh tenth。
This war, the odds continue to rocket big priority, the Clippers faced the same fate and Spurs。
[] [] [] On Tuesday, the Rockets 109-93 victory over the Spurs at home, leading to a direct rival from the West fell to seventh tenth。
Western eight contention intense situation is evident。 Currently, the western fourth to tenth west, a difference of only three wins, the slightest mistake, ranking will be a big adjustment。
  Friday rockets continue to be based at home, against the Clippers currently ranked seventh in West。
Like to keep up with a rocket out of the home advantage continues odds, wins compensation pay as low as about 1, reached double-digit handicap。 A reference to the war victory over the Spurs, the Clippers this field and probably the odds are against us。   After this battle, the Rockets will face the pelican, and the opponent is the same as before and hard efforts to keep eight。
These eight teams in contention this time rockets have hit, really unlucky。
Today's rocket hard-edged, no match for the strong。
In the team sprint period, the rocket was formed in the western man guards the pass trend。 I am afraid that those who crack the West, only Wan Fu Mo open。 (Pan Feng)。

4 sites do not autumn cold, exposure to cold will be more healthy people (1)

  4 sites do not cold autumn, it will be cold people more healthy 1., Abdominal cold cause stomach discomfort, abdominal cold great harm to women。
2.Foot, where a collection of the body's meridians, "cold feet are cold body。3.Neck, where cold, cold can lead to down, up can cause neck vasoconstriction。4.Shoulders, shoulder joint and surrounding tissue is relatively fragile, easily injured。
Now how many of you there?  Three Prevention strapless sleep: will fall off, there are heat, many people still accustomed to air conditioning, open air even sleep, it is very easy to make cold shoulder。
Therefore, we must pay attention to covering the shoulder while sleeping。Particular attention to the elderly shoulder warm and avoid air conditioning or fan blowing straight neck portion。In addition, you can wear a shawl morning and evening travel, not only beautiful, but also play a role in protecting the shoulder。  Bag too heavy: Women suffer more than men, which is less than the male and female muscle strength, strain and strain more relevant。
Many young women like cosmetics, wallet, documents and even laptops all put into a large bag carried by hand。
Once the backpack is too heavy, in order to maintain balance, people can not help but tilt to the other side, shoulder muscles has been in a state of tension, leading to muscle spasm, causing shoulder pain。
  In the same position for a long time: This is a common problem of white-collar workers。
It is easy to make the neck, shoulder, back portion excessive muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain and induce even。

Food health products claim to prevent, treat disease, not to buy (1)

  State Drug Administration food Reminder: food, health food advertising and promotion, who alleges disease prevention, treatment function, should be not to buy。
Health food advertising does not state that "This product can not replace drugs", should be not to buy。In case of problems, you can call 12331 to report complaints。
  How to face generally on the market can be divided into general health food, health drugs, health care cosmetics, health supplies, etc.。
   Health food nature food, such as tea, wine, bee products, drinks, soups, juice, herbs, etc., with color, smell, shape, quality requirements, generally no requirement on the dose; health drugs have nutritional, food sex natural medicines nature, should be used with treatment, there dosage requirements of the current key word with the drug batches; cosmetic care cosmetic nature, not only a small local modification, and there transdermal absorption, the effect of external effect, such as health care perfume , cream, mouthwash; nature has health supplies of daily necessities, such as exercise, massage, magnetic water, health sachets, clothes, shoes, blankets, and other pad。As we continue to enhance health awareness, health food market has unprecedented hot up。
Hot market, the quality of various products is uneven。
Next, teach you how to choose the right health food formal。
  Precautions include the following six aspects: 1.Propaganda, prohibited the use of medical terminology, or easy to be confused with the term drugs, prohibit publicity efficacy。
  2.The role of propaganda is prohibited improve and enhance sexual function。
  3.Shall be accompanied by a clear sky-blue uniform on health food advertising signs, which signs of health food in newspaper print ads, which shall not be less than 1 cm in diameter。
  4.Health administrative departments above the county level after sampling unqualified health food, will suspend its advertising in the area, after the original sampling departments or higher authorities once again checks pass, may continue to publish。  Fives.Print ads must be based on the business sector approval of content publishing, you are not allowed to modify, add advertising content must indicate the approval number of prints。
  6.It must be marked to identify health food and health food approval number [Wei Jian fresh word (years) No. XXX] or [country food key word G (year) XXXXX] on health food products。

Blocking vascular disease Health!Clear the blood vessels to use these five strokes (1)

  More and more younger, protect our blood vessels is particularly important。
Many diseases but also because more and more narrow and blood vessels induced, therefore, we should always clear our blood vessels, blood vessels clean up garbage。  Blocking vascular disease born of our blood flow throughout the body, it is transported by blood vessels, in particular arteries。
The inner wall of the artery of soft, flexible, so that the blood flows smoothly。  Once blocked blood vessels, the most common is atherosclerosis (arterial wall thickening, hardening, loss of elasticity), hardening of the arteries, blood flow slows down after stenosis, heart, brain, kidneys and limbs inevitably be affected。  Protect blood vessels, improve diet through a blood vessel with five strokes 1 First, eat less oil, such as fatty meat, grilled fried foods, pork, beef and mutton, etc., cooking oil should also pay attention, try to eat vegetable oil。  Secondly, less salt, and on the basis of more potassium can eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as garlic, hawthorn, persimmon, watermelon, jujube, bean sprouts, melon, etc.。  In addition, eat starchy foods, eat less sugar, fructose and sugary foods, reduce calorie intake。Principles do not drink tea, quit alcohol limit, remember that "small meals" of。  Finally, eat vinegar, appetizer Lee vessels。Modern medicine, vinegar can help digestion, enhance liver function, promote metabolism; also can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of。  2 positive, adequate exercise adhere to moderate exercise, not only can increase fat consumption, to reduce the deposition of cholesterol, reduce blood fat, accelerate blood circulation and prevent blood stasis, very good for the health of blood vessels。Jogging, walking, calisthenics, tai chi and other aerobic exercise is a good choice。  3 away from alcohol and tobacco An international study shows that smoking on young myocardial infarction "contribution rate" is the first, long-term smoking can damage the vascular endothelium, leading to the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis。
  Excessive drinking is to promote sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, can cause an increase in myocardial oxygen consumption, coronary vasospasm, myocardial infarction resulting。
  Similarly, passive smoking will hurt the blood vessels, even greater damage。
  4 enough sleep can make blood vessels relax during sleep, the body detox and night time, and only enough sleep can better clear the body of toxins garbage out, protect blood vessels being blocked calm toxins。
  Over five Drinking water can reduce blood viscosity, speed up the body's metabolism, clean toxins out of blood vessels inside the garbage, make blood vessels more healthy, and more so every day to drink water, especially office workers。

Autumn White, 5 recipes easily go eat yellow

Fall how whitening?Hot summer is over, then you know how to solicit questions do summer tan?Followed by their network with the view at night。
The so-called a white cover 100 ugly, women want to scrub your face, if long with a variety of speckled, dark complexion sallow, whether you wear more beautiful clothes, beautiful hair to do more, the overall look will not very beautiful!Today, the night teach you how to network through detoxification freckle!Season season, how to save a stain summer sun?First of all, do not rush。Drying out the stain, not a day formed a dilute or eliminate the need to process the fastest 28 days, a complete menstrual cycles。
In this period, the skin secretion of hormones with periodic accomplished stain loose excretion, desalination, this repair process。
Secondly, more sleep!Sleep well, in order to ensure adequate skin repair process, otherwise, the more skin to exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, pollution, environment。In addition, adequate sleep is the body organs common to recuperate process, after all, it is only part of the body face large environmental performance。
In addition, during the repair of sunburn, do not rush to replace or supplement a variety of skin care products。
After all, the skin produces familiar and comfortable with the process requires at least 21 days memory cycle of skin care products, skin care products, make frequent replacement of the skin is always in a state of anxiety or a sudden add a variety of skin care products in the skin overwhelmed state, these not conducive to better skin repair。
More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Ten rule of law in Spring to your health

What are the rules after entering the spring, the weather began to pick up gradually, the climate has become moist up。This time recovery of all things, but at the same time, also began to breed bacteria, so it is very easy to get sick of。The law then how health network to bring it the following night for everyone in Spring in the spring, the top ten rules for your health!Spring health law rule a focus on the top ten – Yang Yang Spring is nature temperatures rise, gradually exuberant yang, this time focusing on health should conform to seasonal changes in Yang Yang。We want according to human germinal yang in the spring characteristics, so that an informed choice reinforcing and clean up the diet, such as selection of warm food can be tonic。Reinforcing the diet suitable for normal and infirm people, such as buckwheat, Coix seed, soy milk, green beans and walnuts etc ,,。Ching diet refers to a feeding cool side of the food boiled diet, such as pears, lotus root, shepherd's purse, lilies and other。Rule two – those in Spring laws and yin deficiency patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer disease who are usually at the onset of spring, so the diet therapy can be used。Honey and steam cooked before meals on an empty stomach 100 ml per day, divided into 3 doses; or with 250 ml, 50 g boil transferred to honey, Baiji 6 g, mix thoroughly after drinking。These are nourishing yin and Yiwei efficacy。
Yin deficiency constitution, optional rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, vegetables mud and other foods, do not eat big sweet big greasy, fried greasy, cold rough food。
Rule Three – keep the brain。