Five remedies for dandelion cure

Five remedies for dandelion cure

Introduction: Dandelion, also known as huanghuadiding, is a perennial herb of the Compositae family. It has coldness, bitterness, sweetness, liver, and stomach meridian.

“Materia Medica Justice” said: “Dandelion is cool in nature and can cure all scabies, scabies, redness, swelling, heat and poisonous evidence. It can be served and applied, and it is quite fulfilled. It is especially effective to treat breasts, boils, and redness.
The fresh ones smash the juice and warm the clothes, the dry ones decoction, and blindly treat it, and the decoction is indispensable for this.

“Traditionally, dandelions have been used to treat sores, ulcers, etc.

It is effective for treating sores and stinging poison, smashing with fresh dandelion, topically applying the affected area, or taking it by frying water alone orally.

Modern pharmacological research of dandelion shows that the root of dandelion contains dandelion sterol, tartaryl alcohol, dandelion picrin, and caffeic acid, and the whole grass contains inositol, asparagine, bitterness, saponin, resin, inulin, pectin, choline, etc.chemical composition.

Dandelion has a good antibacterial effect, especially can effectively inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and skin fungi, and has laxative and stomach-enhancing effects; while dandelion extract has a beneficial effect on bile.

In the past, dandelion, which was only used for the treatment of ulcers and lumps, has been widely used for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is called the “broad-spectrum antibiotic” in Chinese herbal medicine.

Here are five recipes for treating dandelion: Recipe 1: 15 grams of dandelion for treating phlegm-heat stagnation, honeysuckle, houttuynia cordata, 12 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, mulberry peel, raw gardenia, Zhimu, Zhejiang shellfish, northern almond, 9 grams of melon wilt, 6 grams of licorice, decoction.

Recipe 2: Dandelion for sore throat, 15 grams each of Radix Isatidis, 12 grams each of Scutellaria baicalensis, Honeysuckle, Cotoneaster, Gardenia, Melon Wilt, 9 grams each of Zhebei, Northern Almond, 3 grams of licorice, and decoction.

Recipe 3: Treatment of urinary hot shower dandelion, honeysuckle vine, plantain 18 grams each, money grass, white grass root each 15 grams, scutellaria baicalensis, honeysuckle, earth poria, tartrum, 12 gram each, Mutong, licorice 6 grams each, Decoction.
Recipe 4: Take a small amount of dandelion dry or fresh products for the treatment of hemorrhoids. According to the severity of clinical manifestations, use 100 for fresh products?
200 grams, 50 for dry products?
100 grams (editor’s note: the usual amount of dandelion is 10?
30 grams), decoction, 1 dose per day.

If you have hemorrhoids, you need to fry dandelion to slightly yellow. Generally, 2?
Blood can be stopped, swelling and pain removed within 4 days.

For internal hemorrhoid incarceration, thrombotic external hemorrhoids and inflammatory external hemorrhoids, decoction and fumigation with water.

Recipe 5: To treat mumps in children, take 20 grams of fresh dandelion, 1 egg white, and some sugar.

First smash dandelion, add egg white, white sugar to make a paste, apply to the affected area, apply once a day.

This method is very effective. After applying the medicine, the child feels local comfort, coolness, and then pain relief. 2?
The parotid swelling was reduced in 3 days, and the general symptoms improved significantly.
8 days can control fever and turn to heal.