Irish won the 90th American National Critics Association Award for Best Film

“Irish” won the 90th American National Critics Association Award for Best Film
Sauna Night News On December 4, the results of the 90th National Review Association Awards (NBR) were announced.”Irish” won the best film and best adapted screenplay, Quentin Tarantino won the best director for “Hollywood Past”, Adam Dreyfu (“Original Diamond”), Renee Zweig(“Judy”) won the best actor and actress award respectively, “Parasite” won the best foreign language film.Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino won the inaugural NBR “Logo Award”, this award recognizes the work of “outstanding film artists who have made important contributions to the history and culture of the film”contribution”.In addition, the Top Ten Films of the Year, Top Five Foreign Language Films of the Year, Top Five Records of the Year, Top Ten Independent Films of the Year have also been released.”Irish” stills.The picture comes from the best online film: “Irish” Best Director: Quentin Tarantino “Hollywood” Best Actor: Adam Sandler “Original Diamond” Best Actress: Renee ZweiBest Supporting Actor in “Judy”: Brad Pitt Best Supporting Actress in “Hollywood”: Best Original Script by Casey Bates, “Lamentations of Richard Javier”: Ben Safdie,Joshua Safdie, best adapted screenplay by Ronald Bronstein’s “Original Diamond”: Steven Zerian’s “Irish” best breakthrough performance: Paul Walter Hauser “Richard””Jubilee’s Lament” Best Director’s debut: Melina Masukas “Queen and Skinny” Best Example: “How to Train Your Dragon 3” Best Foreign Language Film: “Parasite” Best Documentary: “FemaleTurning the Tide “Best Group Play:” Blade Blade “Best Photography: Roger Diggins” 1917 “NBR Logo Award: Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino NBR FreedomExpression Award: “For Sama”, “The Mercy of Justice”, the top ten movies of the year (in alphabetical order, the same below): “1917”, “My name is Domet”, “Speed King”, “Qiao Qiao Rabbit”, “The Blade is Out of the Sheath””Marriage Story”, “Hollywood”, “Lamentation of Richard Javier”, “Original Diamond”, “The Wave” annual best five foreign language films: “Atlantic”, “Invisible Woman”, “Pain and Glory”, “Burning Women’s”Portrait” “Transit” Top Five Records of the Year: “American Factory”, “Apollo 11”, “Black Business Godfather”, “Thunder Tour: The Legend of Bob Dylan”, “Wrestler” Top Ten Independent Films of the Year: “Don’t Tell”She”, “Leave Me Free”, “Secret Life”, “Judy”, “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”, “Summer of Midsummer Night”, “Nightingale”, “Peanut Butter Falcon”, “Souvenirs” and “Wild Rose”