The son of Nanlin Jianshou Shuaishuai,In the world can only be a humble handyman,Only then can people know that he is full of talents in the world,Even the son of Nan Lin Jianshou Shuaishuai can only be a handyman!

This is your position in the eyes of the hero!”
At the end,Li Chenfeng’s tone once again brought a sense of sarcasm。
Broken waves suddenly roared:“impossible!I will definitely become a disciple of the leader,I will be ahead,Reinvigorate the family’s reputation!”
“Rely on you now?”Li Chenfeng looked at the stubborn teenager in front of him,Shook his head:“I know the best,Even if you are successful in cultivation in the future,It’s impossible to be seen by him。
Besides, you don’t even have a decent martial arts technique,So why do you stand out among 100,000 people in this world??”
“Gong Fa!Gong Fa……”After listening to Li Chenfeng,Broken waves are a little lost,If the martial arts family inherited from the family is in his hands now,Then Duanlang is confident that he is definitely no worse than Nie Feng!
Thinking of his eclipse swordsmanship,A flash of lightning flashed in the heart of Broken Wave,Because he seems to know the true identity of the person before him!
“It’s you!”Duanlang couldn’t help but exclaim。
“It’s you!It’s you!It’s you!”Broken waves eyes gradually turn red,The immature face slowly became a bit hideous。
“It’s you,Took away my swordsmanship,Took away the hope of my family’s rise!”
An eleven year old boy,There is such an expression,It can be seen that Li Chenfeng took the Eclipse Sword Technique from him,Caused a lot of damage to his heart。
Li Chenfeng did not deny,Nod directly:“Not bad,I was the one who saved you in Lingyun Cave!”