To know,In a previous life,Before the Olympics,The strength of men’s basketball is ranked third by those media experts.(This poisoned milk is terrible),Second only to the U.S. National Men’s Basketball Team、Spain National Men’s Basketball Team、Venezuela National Men’s Basketball Team、Argentina National Men’s Basketball Team,In the end he hit an embarrassing0Win5Negative out。

but,UAE’s strength is maintained well,These two days of training plus a warm-up match,Xu Xuan can obviously feel that Ah Lian does not say high,But at least there isNBAThe level of quality role players。
Don’t talk about other,His attributes alone are particularly suitable for today’sNBA。
This kind of strength is actually not much improved in the domestic league,Bullying children,Xu Xuan already had an idea,Ready to wait until after the Olympics,Re-exploring the style of Uah Lian,If possible,Inside the Lakers,You can definitely have one more Titan,I can also have multiple helpers。
Patted face,Xu Xuan won’t think about the future,Enjoy your national team career first,Practice the three-pointer for a while and get used to this full arc-shaped three-pointer。
Half an hour passed quickly,The end of the day’s training。
But under the leadership of Xu Xuan and Ah Lian,No one dares to be on time“Off work”when“Civil servant”Up,Stayed silently in the arena to train。
Those who are better than you are training,Where are they weak??
Xu Xuan did not say,I’ll take the lead,Follow if you want,Leave if you don’t want to,Xu Xuan won’t care。
This is Dayao’s business。
The opening time of the Olympic Games is local time8month5Night7point。
The first game of the men’s basketball team was8month7Number will start,Second battle,The opening match is Australia against France。
It is worth mentioning that,This year’s Olympics are divided into two groups,After drawing lots,Chinese team、American team、Australia、France、Serbia、Venezuela is inAgroup,BCroatia、Spain、Lithuania、Argentina、Brazil、Nigeria。
Eliminate two teams in each group to enter the quarterfinals,The format is a group reincarnation,That is to count points。