Kobe just crossed the pick and roll,Get the first time on Drexler,Change direction!

Pull the ball from the left to the right,Lean over,accelerate,Inside cut!
Kobe cut into the middle distance,At this time, the defender on the right is forced to come over,Jim Jackson slides tentatively to approach Kobe,If Kobe chooses to continue,He must face double teams。
And Olajuwon also made up for Kobe。
Dead end!
Have a big dream before,Jim Jackson on the side,Drexler behind!
O’Neill cut sideways,Ask for the ball while walking。
Kobe couldn’t find a better way to handle the ball,Can only be passed to O’Neal。
O’Neal catches the ball and moves to the basket,Olajuwon directly blocked his shooting angle.。
Force shot!
Barkley grabs a rebound。
“too strong,Houston’s defense is too strong!The Lakers will suffer a big loss,OKThe pick and roll can’t be broken!This is Houston’s carefully prepared defense for the Lakers!Every action of Kobe and O’Neal will follow up with Houston.。”
“O’Neal one offense and one defense,Are all blown up by Olajuwon。Could the story of that year repeat itself?”