Will definitely regret it,And they are enemy?

So much,Wang Minghai’s heart,It is not so worried about it.。
Even in Wang Minghai looks,It is more expected,Shen http://www.kdsman.cn Xuan can come over。
But see these,Wang Minghai still asked:“How about it,Is there a situation outside??”
When I finished Wang Minghai,people around me,It turned against Wang Minghai shook his head.。
When they went outside to see,What is not?。
What is it?,Then I don’t know at all.。
so,They don’t really ask this matter.。
Wang Minghai smiled:“very good,In this case,So now,Let’s prepare more time.。”
“If this kid dares to come over,I will let him know,What is called survival, you can’t ask for death.!”
Wang Minghai said,Around those people around,I also laughed.。
Dare to get the king family,Defense Wang Group,This is their end。
Just when these people still discuss how to deal with Shen Xuan。
next moment,In front of the door,A slamming is opened.。
Face,Shen Xuan took a few bodyguards to here。http://www.sdreshui.cn
Especially in Wang Minghai,I saw Shen Xuan at a glance.,deep in the heart,It is even more like flame to burning there.。
“Shen Xuan,did not expect,You are really coming.!”
If it is not Shen Xuan,How can Wang Jia become like this??
so,Wang Minghai saw Shen Xuan,If you hate,Will Shen Xuan gave the corpse。
Shenxuan,The whole person does not think about it.。
These people continue to talk about them,It seems that all this,Did you don’t have much relationship with Shen Xuan。
And now,Shen Xuan came here,In fact, the most important purpose,It is also focused on solving this matter.。
So this time,Shen Xuan laugh and not speak。
But those of the Wang’s Group,Look at Shen Xuan,Heart is a fire in anger。
“Is he Shenxuan??”
“This child is still over.,But didn’t think,He actually makes this kind of things.。”
“And say so much, since he took the initiative to send dead,Let us,Send him a way!”
now,Surroundings,I haven’t forgotten。
Wang Minghai is also the same,He looks at Shen Xuan,Asked directly。
“You said you,Good end,What to do here?。”
“I didn’t go find you.,You but let me find me.,but,You ran to send it here,Such behavior,Honest,I don’t understand。”
As Wang Minghai said,Others also look at this side.。
As long as Wang Minghai,They will immediately go forward.,Solve Shen Xuan。
but,Shen Xuan suddenly laughed。
What are these people think about?,Do you still know?
So,Shen Xuan is very clear,Wang Minghai is in the bones of yourself。
“You have to kill me,I know this.。”
“but,This is what I am with you.,You call these Wang Group’s people.,What do you mean??”