Someone is faster than him。
Snake knife,Slope。
Go first until。
Sword collision,Burst。
Next second,Squeaky。
Zheng Bin’s sword in his hand was even broken by a knife.。
The half of the half is like a lightning, and the half is shot.。
Zheng Bin is awkward。
Nonely thinking about thinking,Because the second knife of the other person is already attacked,Shape side,At the same time。
But it is still late。
嗤 嗤,The snake knife left a blood mark in his http://www.nanshahd.cn shoulder.。
Flame!Summer first step,台 台,Ground frial,Dust slag four splashes。
The third knife took a moment of unsuccessful momentum.。
Smash,As if a white thunder is down。
The knife has not yet arrived,The ground is already fried,And suddenly spread,A crack。
“Good!Well!A force drop ten meetings!”
See this knife,Even if the injured is nine, I can’t help but call it.,“This is true and uncomfortable,A force drop ten meetings。”
Finish,He looks around,The scorpion is flashing and proud,“He is my teacher。”
Heap……Sanjiao, etc.,But I don’t know how to pick it up.。
In fact,It’s still still many people who don’t know the identity of summer now.。
At this moment。
Third knife in the face,Zheng Ben is shaking confidence,Let him be full of fear。
He is very clear。
These three knives,Not a moving http://www.youzhihuagui.cn skill,Completely straight。
But there is a lot of……Great potential!This potential,Pound like a mountain,Vast starry sky,Not he can understand at all。
It’s not a common man in it.,Tight of life and death,Body group into an incredible state。
A shot。
Flavor,Shot,Lean,The moment is pulled。
Summer did not continue to pursue,Cold and cold。
The sound is like from there is general indifference.。
“Junk,Also challenge the whole of Huaxia,I still want me to disappear in the world.?
Where are you confident?!”