The widow is at the film festival,People who have been watched by thousands of people,Walked through the crazy red carpet,A group of math otaku teachers,Sprinkle water。

He went straight to He Qiang。
“what happened?Uncomfortable?” He Qiang was surprised。
“No,I’m done。”Shen Huan said frankly。
Next to He Qiang, a teacher with golden glasses laughed,“Lao He,Teacher Lu is so humorous。”
“Yes,This is a question asked by the teacher himself,How could it be so simple?”The other teacher also laughed,“Teacher Lu,You are done,But how is the correct rate??”
It seems that these two are in life,I also heard Shen Huan’s work。
“Should be ok。”In front of a group of elders,Shen Huan pays attention to what he says。
He Qiang knows Shen Huan’s character very well,I feel a little tangled in my heart。
Did he really finish it?,Still totally wrong,Then gave up?
But Shen Huan is not like someone who gave up early!
Thinking here,Wang Xing walked over with a big smile。
“Yo,Isn’t this Teacher Lu?Why did you come out?Do you know you can’t http://www.jiehuncheng.cnwin,So gave up,Ready to run early?”
He speaks very loudly,Many teachers around can hear。
“Wang Xing,You are too much!”He Qiangdao,“When did my student say he gave up?When is going to run?”