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Food health products claim to prevent, treat disease, not to buy (1)

  State Drug Administration food Reminder: food, health food advertising and promotion, who alleges disease prevention, treatment function, should be not to buy。
Health food advertising does not state that "This product can not replace drugs", should be not to buy。In case of problems, you can call 12331 to report complaints。
  How to face generally on the market can be divided into general health food, health drugs, health care cosmetics, health supplies, etc.。
   Health food nature food, such as tea, wine, bee products, drinks, soups, juice, herbs, etc., with color, smell, shape, quality requirements, generally no requirement on the dose; health drugs have nutritional, food sex natural medicines nature, should be used with treatment, there dosage requirements of the current key word with the drug batches; cosmetic care cosmetic nature, not only a small local modification, and there transdermal absorption, the effect of external effect, such as health care perfume , cream, mouthwash; nature has health supplies of daily necessities, such as exercise, massage, magnetic water, health sachets, clothes, shoes, blankets, and other pad。As we continue to enhance health awareness, health food market has unprecedented hot up。
Hot market, the quality of various products is uneven。
Next, teach you how to choose the right health food formal。
  Precautions include the following six aspects: 1.Propaganda, prohibited the use of medical terminology, or easy to be confused with the term drugs, prohibit publicity efficacy。
  2.The role of propaganda is prohibited improve and enhance sexual function。
  3.Shall be accompanied by a clear sky-blue uniform on health food advertising signs, which signs of health food in newspaper print ads, which shall not be less than 1 cm in diameter。
  4.Health administrative departments above the county level after sampling unqualified health food, will suspend its advertising in the area, after the original sampling departments or higher authorities once again checks pass, may continue to publish。  Fives.Print ads must be based on the business sector approval of content publishing, you are not allowed to modify, add advertising content must indicate the approval number of prints。
  6.It must be marked to identify health food and health food approval number [Wei Jian fresh word (years) No. XXX] or [country food key word G (year) XXXXX] on health food products。