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  • 4 sites do not autumn cold, exposure to cold will be more healthy people (1)

4 sites do not autumn cold, exposure to cold will be more healthy people (1)

  4 sites do not cold autumn, it will be cold people more healthy 1., Abdominal cold cause stomach discomfort, abdominal cold great harm to women。
2.Foot, where a collection of the body's meridians, "cold feet are cold body。3.Neck, where cold, cold can lead to down, up can cause neck vasoconstriction。4.Shoulders, shoulder joint and surrounding tissue is relatively fragile, easily injured。
Now how many of you there?  Three Prevention strapless sleep: will fall off, there are heat, many people still accustomed to air conditioning, open air even sleep, it is very easy to make cold shoulder。
Therefore, we must pay attention to covering the shoulder while sleeping。Particular attention to the elderly shoulder warm and avoid air conditioning or fan blowing straight neck portion。In addition, you can wear a shawl morning and evening travel, not only beautiful, but also play a role in protecting the shoulder。  Bag too heavy: Women suffer more than men, which is less than the male and female muscle strength, strain and strain more relevant。
Many young women like cosmetics, wallet, documents and even laptops all put into a large bag carried by hand。
Once the backpack is too heavy, in order to maintain balance, people can not help but tilt to the other side, shoulder muscles has been in a state of tension, leading to muscle spasm, causing shoulder pain。
  In the same position for a long time: This is a common problem of white-collar workers。
It is easy to make the neck, shoulder, back portion excessive muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain and induce even。