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Men do not eat breakfast harm men ate breakfast

6.Do not eat are likely to cause gallstones。 The survey found that 97% of patients with cholelithiasis often do not eat or rarely eat breakfast。
7.Do not eat breakfast will accelerate aging。 If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, then the body can not get energy stored in the body can only use glycogen and protein in the long run will lead to dry skin, wrinkling, and anemia, accelerated aging schedule。
8.Skipping breakfast reduces the body's resistance。 Cardiff University, UK in a survey of 100 students found that 10-week, get upper respiratory infections in humans, 80% of those who do not eat breakfast。
9.Do not eat breakfast so that human workplace "chronic overdraft"。
Long-term do not eat breakfast, can lead to autonomic dysfunction ,, thereby causing chronic organ dysfunction。
Men do not eat breakfast hazards 10.Do not eat breakfast affect the brain "switch"。
The energy required for brain activity accounts for 20% of total energy in the body, breakfast is critical to maintain brain vitality。 Men ate breakfast piece buy organic corn flakes, apple juice is usually added to make it sweetened, and with a non-polluting organic soy milk, or goat's milk。