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Sex between men and women in how to get the greatest satisfaction?

Some say sex sex, to have sexual love, sex can get greater satisfaction with the relationship between the two men's relationship, good sex can improve relations both men and women, without good sex relationships will make two thin ice , then how to make both men and women are better met in the sex it?Men should learn a woman sexually suggestive men are more direct, sexual desire comes, it wants to direct the。
And women are more subtle, most women even with demand, it will not say so, more will be implicit method。
If men do not understand women often get angry。
If your woman for no reason throw beat beat eggs inside bones, we should not think that she is dissatisfied with the desire。If you read the woman's hint, but just then a man tired, not force, but must not hurt a woman's self-esteem。
Women rarely take the initiative again, men do not appreciate it, it is easy to make a woman feel unattractive。
In fact, women need sex, it does not have to complete sexual intercourse, even if no sexual intercourse, gentle hug, kiss, love, then rain, so that women will be met。
Woman sexual needs that say it is a woman born subtle, especially in terms of sex。The traditional wisdom is that men be sexually active is normal if a woman is too active is probably an indecent performance。With the development of society, sex is becoming less obscure topic。Gender equality, men have needs, women have the same needs, men can take the initiative, we can say, why women can not?!Editor's Choice:。