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  • Wearing the wrong bra will make your chest injuries!Female friends to pay attention

Wearing the wrong bra will make your chest injuries!Female friends to pay attention

  The breast is one of the oldest women start aging parts, and most require meticulous care, but some of us everyday habits, but it can make the chest very hurt。
  6 woman lifestyle wearing the wrong bra 1 chest hurts a lot of women like to have a bra lace, beware trigger allergies, breastfeeding women should beware of obstacles and lactation。
Off sleep bra should avoid breast has been oppressed; and should be wearing a sports bra during exercise, so as to avoid or tissue damage。 Tight bra and coat also affect blood circulation, blood stasis caused by breast swelling and pain。   2 Some people like to use improper cleaning spray nozzle breasts, beware of the impact of water flow caused by improper burden on the chest。
Do not flush with ligament DC two shoulder area, the location probably ligaments such as the location of lingerie straps, it plays a role in pulling the chest ligament, protect the ligaments can prevent and delay the sagging。 Rinse the chest from the bottom up with the nozzle, so that the chest can play a strong lifting effect。   3 action rude breasts very fragile, after being violently impact, internal soft tissue bruise easily, or cause internal hyperplasia, severe internal rupture of small blood vessels, forming cysts and even hematoma。 Therefore, the treatment of the breast to be gentle, to avoid external compression, less action to do with his arms, the arms will also hold a serious compression of both breasts, so deformed under strong pressure force。
  4 sedentary lot of working women, premenstrual and menstrual period often severe pain, which is due to sedentary plus the lack of normal movement, resulting in blood circulation disorders。
The lack of blood is the main cause of aging breasts, when you breathe more shallow, blood circulation slows down gradually, breasts and the lack of a sense of inflated sense of expansion, gradually droop。 When there is desk work, often squeezed breast edge of the table, the health hazards of female breast great。
  5 tummy to tummy to sleep sleep very hurt women's health, for breast, it can lead to depression or sag。
Sleeping position is best left to sleep, may underlay a pillow in the breast, in order to obtain sufficient support。   6 improper diet blindly diet, eat sweets, smoking, drinking, eating habits are hurt breasts。
Dieting can disrupt the endocrine to affect breast development。