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  • Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media spoke highly of Xi Jinping's five-point proposal on Taiwan

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media spoke highly of Xi Jinping's five-point proposal on Taiwan

  CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met with China on the 4th KMT delegation led by Chairman Chu, and the future construction of the two sides put forward five proposals on the fate of the community together to create a cross-strait relations on。
5 ,, published in major newspapers this attention, positive evaluation。   Taiwan's major newspaper the same day in the headlines reported Xi Jinping met with Chu and outcomes of the meeting。
"China Times" published an article that Xi Jinping to "gather different assimilation" crack Taiwan think negative attitude as long as the status quo would be the end of。 The two parties must have the courage to face cross-strait political differences can not be merely seeking common ground, but should strive to gather assimilation, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation we work together to dry, the two sides build a community of destiny。
  "Wang reported that" published an article that, the KMT has indeed reached this interactive consolidate and heritage of cross-strait relations and the deepening and development of two major goals。
Through this forum space and "Zhu Xi will", the two sides reaffirmed to consolidate the "1992 consensus" and indicate its willingness to want to pass down, do not let any person or political party has a right to blur。   "United Daily News" published an article that the two sides exchanged views on cross-strait relations, the future development of cross-strait relations is of great significance。
"Zhu Xi will" once again confirmed the basis of the "1992 consensus" for the development of cross-strait relations, mutual trust between the two parties and thereby strengthen again。
The article said that the future of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation will focus on enhancing the "three in Hitodo 'interests, and to encourage young people to participate in cross-strait exchanges and。
  Hong Kong, Macao editorial in many newspapers, members of the article, certainly, "Zhu Xi will be" significant。 Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" editorial pointed out, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward five-point proposal for the new cross-strait relations, is quite rich, pragmatic。
General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to adhere to the "1992 consensus" and oppose the political basis of "Taiwan independence", hit the key to the current situation in Taiwan。 Taiwan no matter which political party is in power, we can not engage in "Taiwan independence", otherwise it will be difficult to achieve peaceful cross-strait relations development。 Chu responded Chairman also emphasized the will to maintain the "1992 consensus" is the common political basis of Communist parties, which makes the relationship is expected to continue to push forward on a sound basis。
  Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" published an article entitled "Xi Jinping five-point proposal specifies the relationship between the direction of the two sides," the editorial said that since 2005, "Hu-Lien meeting," the 10-year period, the development of cross-strait relations journey has not been easy, it has encountered criticism, obstruct, twists and turns, each They are not likely to go far further。 "Zhu Xi will" send a clear signal to all sectors of the two sides and the international community: any difficulties and obstacles can shake the mainland adhere to the "1992 consensus" promote cross-strait relations continue to develop the determination and the will。
  "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" published a commentator's article, he said Xi Jinping put forward a five-point proposal to further consolidate the common political basis for the deepening of the "1992 consensus" on the correct path of peaceful development of cross-strait relations have been extremely important to reconfirm the front page , highlighting the depth of cross-strait integration of interests, expand cross-strait exchanges between the people especially the young people's attention。
  "Macao Daily News" published an article entitled "Poly assimilation break through the bottleneck of cross-strait relations," the editorial。 The editorial pointed out that this year marks the tenth anniversary of "Hu-Lien meeting" and "peaceful development of cross-strait common vision" Published。
Most of the year's "five vision" has achieved significant results, people on both sides to become the biggest beneficiary。
The editorial stressed that the KMT must firmly push forward cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations develop breakthrough "bottleneck"。 (Reporter He Zili Li Huiying Zhang Jing Liu Chang) Editor: Wang Yue。