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This 4 as foods do not eat breakfast (1)

  Although there are three meals a day, but a lot of people because of subjective or objective reasons and can not do, usually, breakfast is the most commonly overlooked。
There are a lot of people do not like to eat breakfast, eat breakfast feel better spent time sleep a little longer; still others, though eating breakfast, but the breakfast was free, just to fill out the stomach。In fact, the role of breakfast not fill the stomach, nor is it anything can be used as a breakfast。
If not eat breakfast, long-term can cause gastrointestinal diseases, thereby affecting their health。
The following are often treated as breakfast, it is not suitable for four kinds of food for breakfast。
  First, the overnight meals。  Leftovers for a long time on hold, will produce nitrite (a carcinogen), increases the risk of causing cancer, eating foods high nitrite content harmful to human health hazards。Therefore, it is best not to replace breakfast with leftover food, the remaining other foods for breakfast。  Second, roadside breakfast。
  A lot of people in order to adapt to the fast pace of work and life, often just buy something for breakfast in the street, walking, eating。In fact, doing so is not correct, roadside bought health breakfast and can not be guaranteed, plus launched the road you come to my vehicle and dust in the air, really it can be said to eat dust in breathing the。  Third, snacks for breakfast。  A lot of people at any time in order to replenish their energy, their desks will have some snacks, usually working when hungry, eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks to hold for some time。
But with snacks serve as breakfast, really wrong。Most of us eat snacks are belong to the lack of water, not the water after a night for the morning in a semi-dehydrated state of the body, the snack is not conducive to our body's digestion and absorption。
Plus snacks, while providing heat, but does not provide all the nutrients we need, with breakfast snacks easily lead to nutritional deficiencies, leading to physical decline, increasing the likelihood of illness。
  Fourth, add milk fritters。  Breakfast milk fritters of people like to eat significantly more than the people who choose milk and eggs, although the majority opinion at the time did not agree, but also on the health of truth often lies in the hands of a few。
Add milk fritters eat actually not good for our health。Fritters in the production process that needs to be fried at high temperatures, which leads to one of the nutrients are destroyed, but also produce carcinogenic substances。
And fritters are high-calorie, high-fat food in the morning to eat too greasy, not conducive to the gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients。
  Eat breakfast to meet three principles: First, breakfast diet must be balanced, comprehensive nutrition; two, breakfast must be able to provide enough energy for our body; Third, the breakfast also vitamin supplements。  Half an hour before breakfast we should drink plenty of water, about 500 ml of warm water can be, not as a foreigner can learn directly turbid water, can easily lead to diarrhea。
Our body after a night of sleep, consume a lot of water and nutrients, wake up the body is in a dry state。If only the morning routine of eating breakfast and before not to drink water, not only can not alleviate the water shortage, but also makes blood lipids。