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40 min 12 plate 10 co 7WOW!James Wong coach for the layout of the secret tactics

  Game winning streak is not terrible, because the lack of so and so embarrassed Lu health reasons temporarily leave the details of the first day of the Knights draft Lu left jab twice, the first day he would like Carrefour comeback, love him in 47 days after the injury, the team grass Carrefour finally came back with a three-point step on the line of officially declared the return of long-lost track of Carrefour, just did not feel estranged third of the long distance, the league how many big men can do it?  Carrefour did not come back today how hard to fight ah performance can be very paddle 25 minutes 9 3-point shot went 4, scored 18 points, four assists and seven rebounds Carrefour's position in Knight's no alternative, after the game Carrefour issued a document "very pleased to once again fight side by side with my brother on the court!Back from injury really long time。 No easy task to get a win after a long road trip。 Prepare for the next game。
"Carrefour return, the most fun than the old Jim on a bull fight, really, fans can not imagine Hood hurt, hurt Korver, Nance hurt, Carrefour hurt, TT hurt, even Tai Lunlu are hurt, even James can win。
Union can do only James, and only the Bulls。
。 。   Today, James finally two more helpers this effect is immediate ah Carrefour not only opened the space for James on the perimeter can also open up a road across the buckle of the extrusion space in the paint again to James and Kevin Love this combination a name it!  Black and white Shuangsha?Wang fried combination?Zhan Pot combination?  James performance today is like a powder keg, a little on the bombing Carrefour was the first to ignite the powder keg of people, followed by the Knights coach does not know the new coach to James arranged a secret tactics Well, not guessing the main ring , anyway, it is no secret that today's singles James James audience played 40 minutes, shot 29 times, scored 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists this is the career of James 5th 40 + triple-double of the season to do a third potential energy no prize quiz players, who are the other two?  Cavaliers coach Drew regarded as an interim coach in the mudslides, he said he liked James treated unfairly by the referee after angry so James will not only put pressure on the referee, but also to strengthen the attack strength, played phenomenal performance… …Nima!To put pressure on the referee, protect the rights of parties from the players receive fair and equitable treatment, this is not a fundamental obligation coaches do?The pressure is seen as unfair power, if that is not a qualified coach?  Xizhan create calendar's first 60+ three pairs can be described not only rely on their own strength, but also rely on the referee willing to chance。 Dong Zhan today's 40+ entirely on their own strength, and the referee refused to give the opportunity to。
To be honest, called James, treatment is heaven on earth……LeBron – there will not be killed whistle – James today is really a little angry labeled as such, did not blow the whistle does not black, change for most people, it is estimated Raymond James put his referee ejected fairly restrained, but no symptoms of pain itching, evasive even said "WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!"Oh referee Hello Bang Bang!  To be honest, when the main loop to see James kept WOW really worried when the next second he was going to dance the last I heard next door bitch yesterday thumbs up over a million?  I ask, you do not want to give praise, the name of the following figures!    。