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Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been hiking it must be noted that matters

Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been to a lot of people like to climb it, there are many famous tourist destination in Jiangxi, Guifeng, Mountain, Lushan, etc. If you like hiking then you have not been to Jiangxi these mountains today will not regret it small Code gave the major share under mountains of Jiangxi Province!First, Jiangxi can climb mountains you ever been right 1.Lingquan Temple Jinggangshan Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province, located in the southwest, is located at the junction of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces Luoxiao middle ancient Chenzhou, Hunan and Jiangxi at the turn of the abdomen of a thousand miles Luo Xiao said。 Hailed as the first mountain in Jiangxi。
Jinggangshan is not only abundant historical connotations, but also a good ecological environment and beautiful natural scenery。
There are 11 scenic spots, 76 spots, more than 460 features of the landscape。 Jinggangshan on Earth have so far saved the best times of more than 7000 hectares of virgin forest in the same latitude, has been hailed as the only subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest worldwide United Nations Environment Organization, the forest coverage rate reached 86 percent, the air quality is much exceeded the national standards for a class。 2.Lushan Temple were owned by big temple, Xixian Temple, opened the first Temple, Yuantong Temple Lushan, located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake Basin, Lushan District of Jiujiang City territory, bordering Poyang Lake, south of the Yangtze Xiongzhi。 Lushan to male, strange, dangerous, show famous, known as Kuang Qixiu heaven reputation。
Qingfeng show Luan towering tall and straight, spray snow Minglei of Silver Spring waterfalls, fast-changing sea of clouds wonders, Chun Kit Kat show of landscape architecture, to show endless charm of Lushan。 Lushan especially Sheng Xia Ruchun cool climate for foreign tourists longing, is renowned scenic spots and summer resorts。
3.Wugongshan Shek Kwu Temple martial arts mountain, the highest peak in Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang City, South East。 Wugongshan Gan River system water Yuan, Mi water, filtered water, water Wo and Xiangjiang River, Lu water watershed。
On the north side of the water Yuan, Lu Valley Water Valley is broken, low and watershed, along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway through。 Rich coal deposits on both sides of the mountain to Pingxiang, the most famous Anyuan coal mine。
Peaks King show, different patterns, Elevation 1,000 meters above the hills there are dozens。
Distinctive natural scenery, high mountains, dense forests, streams all over, but there are many religious monuments, with waterfalls, alpine meadows, ancient altar Jinding group for the three superb view。 4.Mountains in three Qing Mountains in Shangrao City in Jiangxi Yushan, Dexing counties, at (City) at。 Hill has three peaks, named Yu Jing, Yuhua, Yu Xu, such as three-ching (ie Yuqing, supernatant, Taiqing) sat out their summit, named。
Due to long-term changes in topography, forming a unique Mountains in Qifeng rocks, rapids, waterfalls, canyons and other majestic landscape Youyun。
At Buyun bridge from climbing up to the door three days Kiyofuku, the total construction of temples, pavilions, stone, stone, gate, bridges, etc. are more than 200 buildings throughout the Taoist mountain, its size and momentum, with Qingcheng Mountain, Wudang Mountain , the designation of comparable。
Therefore, the Taoist Mountains in open-air museum said。 Fives.Lung Fu Shan Yun Feng Lung Fu Shan Temple is located in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, the national AAAA level scenic spots。 China is the birthplace of Taoism, national key scenic spots。 Formerly known as Jinshan Yun Lung Fu Shan, is a single show Jiangnan Silk Mountain。 Here peaks stretching dozens of years, due to Xiangshan (should Tianshan) a pulse westbound。 Ranked first Taoist mountains, known as Taoism first wonderland。 Taoist pilgrimage tourism industry was hailed as the first tour and travel。
Jiangxi mountains you can climb it been 6.Cuiweifeng Cuiweifeng Qinglian Temple scenic area is located in southeastern Jiangxi province, northeast of Ganzhou, Nanjing County town northwest suburbs kilometers。 Cuiweifeng scenic Gu Cheng Jin Jing Mountain, nuns Zhang Liying to pass good at this practice of Venus is named。 The main landscape golden thread hanging gourd, Watertown, beautiful lake, cave loach baskets, pyramids, exploring water turtles, tortoises Ridge brain, Taiping hole, Bristol virtual palace, Ching Lin Temple。
Cuiweifeng spring Longyan extremely clear green, unique quality for tea, specially Ganxiang, when the nickel flat on the water surface without sinking, so that the visitors and interest, away; herein, such as injection spring seasons throughout the year inexhaustible。
7.South Guifeng Guifeng Temple is located in Yiyang County, Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province, the world geological park, a World Heritage nomination, the national AAAA level scenic spots, national forest parks, national patriotism education bases, because it is not no mountain tortoise , no stone is not turtle, and the whole area is like a gigantic head giant tortoise named。 Guifeng Guifeng Jiang dilute the known world reputation。 Guifeng scenic, picturesque peaks, it is a magical tourist destination。
Guifeng odd lofty ideals of peerless three odd, that's unrivaled in the world turtle kuh odd, odd cave shrines of perfect for each other and the Immortal Fame。