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Talk about those years with China Real Madrid coach Camacho worst?

  Dalian after the party announced Schuster took office, more and more with the stigma of Real Madrid coach, active in today's Super Stadium。
Some of them, who led Real Madrid to win the league; some people, who played for Real Madrid; some people, but Real Madrid's passer; some people, served as assistant at Real Madrid……Camacho 🙁 Real Madrid player, Real Madrid coach) in 2011 to become China's men's soccer head coach, but after a big 1-5 defeat to Thailand, Camacho sadly class, eventually leaving in 2013。
  Antic (1991 became Real Madrid coach) by the end of 2012 to become head coach of Shandong Luneng, coached one season, was replaced by Brazilian library card。 Hebei-based mid-2015 to become head coach, but failed to help the team successfully upgraded, class brutally。
  Luxemburgo (2004 became Real Madrid coach) mid-2015 in Tianjin right to health coach, because of poor grades, class brutally, eventually replaced by Fabio Cannavaro。   Pellegrini (2009 to become Real Madrid coach) Hebei China Fortune 2016 became coach, has coached。   Carlo (December 2005 to become Real Madrid coach) in 2016 to become coach of Dalian party, and ultimately help the team promoted to Super League, but because of incompatibility with high-level advice to leave by the end of 2017。
  Capello (twice coached Real Madrid) in 2017 in Jiangsu Suning coach, has coached。   Schuster (Real Madrid player, Real Madrid coach) in March 2018 to become the 19th coach of Dalian party, the task is arduous。
  Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid players) by the end of 2014, to become coach Hengda, but the middle class。 2016 to replace Luxemburgo, coach in Tianjin right to health, the right to health to help promoted to Super League, also won the first season of Super AFC qualification。
Year after year by the end of 2017, once again become Hengda coach。
  Stielike (Real Madrid players) in 2017 to become Tianjin Teda coach, has coached。   Alberto – Toril (Madrid player, Real Madrid B team coach) in March 2018, Toril to Guangzhou Hengda where he was responsible for training young business Guangzhou Hengda。