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  • Boy playing snacks desiccant, dissolved eyes 20 minutes (1)

Boy playing snacks desiccant, dissolved eyes 20 minutes (1)

  When the boy snacking, snack in the fun of drawing water into the drink bottle, after the explosion actually thought into them。
Only 20 minutes, the right-eye cocoa eroded by an alkaline liquid, the entire eyeball is dissolved, blindness life。Reminder: Parents must avoid contact with children in food desiccant!    Refers to a portion of moist material a substance capable of removing water。Such as calcium sulfate and calcium chloride, and dried by binding water hydrate; physical drying agent such as silica gel and activated alumina, dried over physically adsorbed water。Moisture control is the product yield is closely related to food, in appropriate temperature and humidity, food bacteria and mold will be breeding at an alarming rate, the food spoilage, resulting in moisture and color change。
Electronic products due to high humidity will cause metal oxide, adversely。
The desiccant is in order to avoid the occurrence of defective products excess water。
  To distinguish the first type, there are two general common desiccants can be determined depending on the form components: one desiccant lime, white lumps, becomes damp powder; the other is a silica gel, a silica gel colorless and transparent pellets, some in color, looks like delicious candy。
  A situation: eating 1 lime, mothers do not panic, do not rush to the hospital。  2.Immediately give the baby to drink water or milk。There is a simple way to control the amount consumed: take 10 ml per kilogram of body weight, not more than 200 ml, because too much can cause vomiting。
  3.And then taken to hospital for treatment。
  Situation Two: Silicone eating mothers who do not have to worry too much, because it is another commonly used, can not be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, can be excreted in the feces, not toxic to humans。If swallowed do not need special treatment。Unless your baby has a special reaction, dizziness, vomiting, generally without medical。
  Situation Three: identify if there are not eating a packet is not identified how to do it?Note the mothers components forms: 1.White quicklime lumps, becomes damp powder state。
  2.Silica gel is colorless and transparent pellets (some in color, because the addition of other chemicals, such arouse the curiosity of babies, they like delicious candy)。