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US Lawmakers proposal to suppress ZTE and Huawei Expert: to create "China threat" momentum

  [Global Times special correspondent to secondary] 7th Congress once again pushing a bill to limit China Communications Corporation。 Two Republican senators proposed the date to ban telecommunications equipment from Huawei or ZTE US government to buy or rent。
In recent years, the United States has introduced measures to restrict the development of China's telecommunications companies in the United States space。
An unnamed communications experts on the "Global Times" said that for Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications companies, its communications equipment business in the United States a very small scale。
The United States still has introduced a bill limiting how much effect would not achieve its real purpose is to create China threat momentum。   According to Reuters, Arkansas Sen. Tom·Cotton and Florida Sen. Marco·Rubio jointly introduced the bill, Rep. Michael with two of its contents·Kena Wei and Leeds·Cheney motion in January this year raised similar。 Cotton said Huawei is equivalent to a department of the Chinese government, they are fully capable to steal information by US officials invasion of its own equipment……There are many companies able to meet our technical requirements, China can not so easily let us eavesdrop。 Rubio claimed that from a national security point of view, we can not allow foreign competitors to their technology into US government systems and critical infrastructure。
  History information to the US government in the name of security, impose restrictions on Huawei and ZTE can be traced back to 2012。 That year, the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence released a report, Huawei and ZTE pose a threat to US national security, the two companies was categorically denied。
Since then the United States has introduced restrictive measures against the two companies。 According to Reuters, US wireless carriers AT & T last month due to pressure from Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, to give up the smart phone sales reached agreement with Huawei。
Informed sources, some US lawmakers also inform other US companies, if there is partnership with Huawei Mobile or China, they would hurt business relations with the US government。   "New York Times" said that over the years, Huawei has great value for the development of the US market and take efforts often face political opposition。
United States, "Wall Street Journal" analysis had previously said the US law does not require companies not to cooperate with Huawei, but if the cooperation with Huawei, those companies may have to pay a high political price。   When the Center for China and Globalization He Weiwen, a senior fellow at the 8th accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that in the name of national security context of the government to put pressure on China Telecom companies are consistent practice of the United States Government。 Telecommunications industry itself more sensitive, while China and the US has been greater contradiction in network security, enterprises in the United States suffered in fact is a political issue rather than economic issues。
He Weiwen that the United States to restrict Chinese telecom companies due to fears of Chinese and prevention, so in politics, technology, mergers and acquisitions, set up under obstacles, which have a more clearly reflected in any Trump。   US business impact of political reasons Huawei and ZTE in no small。
"New York Times" said that Huawei's smartphone sales in the United States, but not with the major US wireless carriers, such as Verizon (Verizon Company), AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile company to reach a smart phone companies and other cooperation, the United States and more major telecommunications companies refused to buy Huawei's production of telecommunications, network equipment, which makes Huawei to gain a firm foothold in the United States more difficult。
  Meanwhile, the US is still closely guarded China took over the US company, acquired US technology。 At present, a sensitive technology to prevent China from the US Congress to consider the bill is that the bill would expand the powers of the US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to stop Chinese companies to obtain technology。 However, according to Reuters broke the news on the 8th, due to the many large US companies oppose the bill had to make adjustments to soften。 US companies fear that the relevant bill will make them suffer。   Due to security reasons to prevent the proposed prices also appeared recently in the United States, neighboring Canada。 Chinese pay to build for the acquisition of construction company plus Icahn (Aecon), the Conservative Party of Canada called for a national security review。
He Weiwen analysis on the "Global Times" reporter, it can be seen from a similar news from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and some Western countries to prevent the same mentality and thinking treat Chinese enterprises, but to differing degrees。 It is foreseeable that China's overseas enterprises will encounter more bumpy road。