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Trump "unhappily" signed 1.$ 3 trillion in government budget

Data Figure: US President Trump Washington, March 23 US President Trump 23 afternoon at the White House announced that he had signed the trillion-dollar government budget, but he was "upset" a lot of the content of the bill "in the future I will never again sign such a government budget."。
  US House of Representatives and Senate have each at 22 pm and 23 am by a trillion-dollar government budget, as long as the US President signed, the federal government can be a normal operation to the end of fiscal year 2018, ie September 30, to avoid the at 0:00 on the 24th, "behind closed doors" dilemma。   Previously, due to both parties in Congress have been unable to agree on long-term government budget, the federal government began in October last year ie year 2018 fiscal year, has been maintained by running through a series of temporary funding bill Congress。
In January and February, because Congress failed to pass a temporary funding case, Trump has twice the government "closed"。
March 23 is the deadline midnight temporary Appropriation Bill by the US Congress by February 9。
  However, Trump 23 early in the morning on social media, said he is considering long-term government vetoed the budget passed by Congress, because the bill does not contain content DACA resolved, and funding for strengthening border security is not enough。 The day before, the White House budget director Mal Varney also opened a conference that Trump is willing to sign the bill。
  Last September, the government announced the abolition of Trump "Childhood entry suspend repatriation" program (DACA) before President Obama tenure launch, but left to Congress six months to solve about 80 million illegal immigrants with his parents in childhood America's "dream life" identity problem。
In January, could not be reached because of the bipartisan agreement on this issue, the Senate failed to pass a temporary funding case, the federal government had "closed" three days。 After the deadline of March 5, both parties in Congress has so far failed to come up with solutions for DACA, but reached a tacit understanding with the government to decouple the Budget。
  23 pm, Trump suddenly held a news conference, said he signed a long-term government budget passed by Congress, but many things in the bill, "happy", he threatened Congress, said "In the future I will never again sign such government budget "。
  Trump also pointed to a tall beside leave the document said, no one read the bill。
The bill was only up to 2232 in the Republican Party officially announced 21 evening, there is not enough time to consider it is a lot of conservative Republicans voted against the important reasons。
  Trump said the reason the bill was finally signed his own bill contains a substantial increase in military spending and other national security content, said Defense Minister Matisse won the largest in the history of military spending。
However, Trump is still highly critical of the Democrats on the issue DACA "not as" real Republicans praised the "dream life" endorsement of the people。   American public opinion, at the time of the mid-term elections drew to a close, both parties in Congress are trying to avoid government "closed," the re-emergence of scenarios。
In the long-term government budget passed by Congress in both the military spending of about $ 695 billion Republican concerns, strengthen border security fund of nearly $ 1.6 billion, including the importance of the Democratic response to opiate addiction, strengthen firearms sales background checks and other content。 (Finish)。