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Next year is the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Oracle "Oracle large system" being compiled

  When I arrived at the center, the house has been sitting a lot of people。
Around the table sat in a circle of 13 students is filled with them will be used on Huang graduate, tables textbooks – their own copy of "Yin Ruins Inscriptions on oracle bones", and the volume was turned up edges, densely filled Description of the "Dictionary"。
Both sides of the wall is also filled with chairs, sat the other students and professional learning Oracle from Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other schools in the school。 I hung on the wall opposite the two brands, one is the "Oracle Research Center", which is to undertake a major national project "Chinese character – Oracle Bone Inscriptions collection and collation" in August 2012 after the establishment of the。 There is a sign "unearthed literature and the study of ancient civilizations Collaborative Innovation Center China," which is a liberal arts Collaborative Innovation Center of Tsinghua University to the Ministry of Education "2011 Plan" declaration, which aggregates almost all the research forces unearthed documents and related fields。 University Innovation Center members will take turns to host the annual free training, invited experts in various fields of ancient writing classes to students, so that relatively fine special study researchers have broader horizons。   "2019 is the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Oracle, we are compiling the" Oracle large department "must get out。 "Not long ago, Oracle became Memory of the World, to Huang tree and research centers to bring more of a sense of urgency。   From the "Oracle Collection" to "Oracle large system" since 2011, Huang Tianshu lead students began compiling "Oracle large department"。 "Oracle bones are precious relics, scholars generally difficult to reach objects, have always been the main basis for bones bibliographic research books。 "Huang draft dozens of volumes stroking a room full of trees has been completed, put it down。   General bones bibliographic book consists of three parts Plate, interpretation of the text and the composition of the index。
Most importantly, plates, shaped layout complete and clear plates is the foundation of all research。
Cataloging bones kind of methods are three species, including rubbings, copy and photos, they have advantages and disadvantages, but with these three methods bibliographic can learn from each other, this has been now some small books using Oracle bibliographic。
  Guo early years of exile in Japan Research Oracle, experienced the difficult to find the record book of bones。
After he took office in mid-1949 CAS President, Oracle intends to compile a book cataloging the master。 In mid-1956, twelve years of scientific research in the development of vision, the compilation "Collection" is listed as major projects, chief editor of the pro-Guo, Hu declared either thick editor。
"Collection" from the 1961 codification, the collection of 95 units and more than 90,000 pieces of bones 44 private collectors were identified, selected and rubbing, and then merging more than 80 years of public and private collectors at home and abroad in the hands of the bones handed down rubbings , photos and copy, a selection of films, forgeries, checkweigher, conjugation and staging classification, into "collections" 13 large volumes, in 1978 to mid-1982 together by the Zhonghua book Company。
And "Collection" supporting "Oracle Collection Explanation" (4) "Oracle Collection material source table" (3) until 1999 at a time。
Ins and Outs of over 40 years, found a large bones bibliographic compilation of the book hardships。   "Collection" is the largest collection of rubbings of oracle bones with a large record book, the selection of the most refined, greatly promoted the study of bones。 But the "Collection" is just initial results, academic development, so then there are the "close up"。
"Oracle large system" following the "collection", another large-scale project after the compilation of "co-fill"。   Forthcoming "A series" The book is open 8 large volumes, three-part "Plate (rubbings and copy)", "Explanation" and "Index" component。
The book is expected to total 73。 The same version of oracle bones, rubbings on the left page, copy the right page, read control, very convenient。 Diwu seventeen to sixty-eight the "Explanation"。 The last five as "index"。
"A line" adopt new, more scientific, "said the two-line" instead of the old "five says," while making a copy to each rubbings, and the addition of a new publication, the new conjugated materials currently collected 70,000 pieces of bones and more than a little "collection" more than doubled。   "In addition to the quantity, quality is also a consideration。 Quality "collection" uneven rubbings。
For example, in the 1970s, there is no cross-strait academic exchanges, "collection" can only reprint Taiwan's "Yin Ruins edited text A," "B series", rubbings and more Overwhelming unclear。
Now, these books are cataloging a clear rubbings publication, "A Line" will be replaced with a clear rubbings。
"Huang tree love-hate relationship to this onerous task。
  "More than 70,000 pieces of bones, nearly one million words, nine people, the average person to depict 8000, 100,000 words。 More than six years, they have basically no summer vacation, weekends are often spent in the office。 "As a big senior sister apprentice, Liu Ying was palpable feel bad for everyone。   "This book is not just so far received the largest number of copies and rubbings of oracle bones, shaped the clearest, most complete extension shadow bones cataloging books, is the latest scientific research Jina, on behalf of the current research of new highly Oracle。
"Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage, said researcher Hu Ping。
  Conjugated to is not a simple puzzle game "A line" and "Collection" in comparison, including many of the latest achievements bones of conjugation。   "There must be a subject of new materials emerging in order to maintain their vigor。 There are two ways to source new materials oracle bones, one newly unearthed; the second is conjugated turbinates。
"Huang said the tree。
  For beginners bones are concerned, the first pieces of bones conjugation is very important, just as a child would a good fight again broken porcelain, natural confidence。 It is said that Prince Dr. Yang Zaishi second year, the success of the first edition of conjugated bones, he was excited like a child, no matter is now very late, phoned Huang good news。 "Sometimes the word residues useful, it can be estimated in accordance with the rest of the words on the bones fracture residues edge。 There is a ballast port。
Mix shape of bones ballast port, when two pieces patchwork version, if the ballast port match exactly, is often split right。
"Mobo peak of conjugated sympathetically," Now the bones conjugated more sophisticated, not only positive words to be on the back of the drilling should be consistent, but also the right thickness of bones。
"Center has been conjugated to a first meteor shower observation records in our Oracle。
Mr. Lin Hongming the original "Oracle Collection" counter-16124, 17282 conjugated together, Liu Ying and later added the suffix "collection" 6017 Anti, making the inscriptions more complete。 Which by the "rate of the crystal (Star) West," the words known, is a record of Gengshen night coming to an end, when coming yau day, from east to west across the meteor shower phenomenon。
Young Prince accordingly issued a "meteor shower records Wu Ding era," the article pointed out that the meteor shower Yin Wu Ding period was obtained by observing the earliest records。   From 2010 to date, the results of the team's patchwork – 'bones split set "has been published in four episodes, the patchwork collection of over 1000。 Those in the "A Line" will be reflected in。   Before "more unclear than clear" there is a news caused a sensation。
July 2017, Museum of Chinese characters issued a "word one hundred thousand," the Solicitation Announcement: Interpretation not decipher Oracle, words 100,000 yuan reward; make new Interpretation of deposit dispute Oracle, word 5 million reward。
  Prince Yang also submitted to decipher the article, he said, "Dynasty oracle a word, all BU put this word appears resignation speech cases arranged together, apply knowledge, suggesting that its part of speech and general semantics direction。 According to another body, this analysis inscriptions which can be split into several radical, there may be associated with what body Zhou Dynasty bronze inscription, Warring States later in the text, the evolution of the relationship between the body around as much as possible collusion, a persuasive explanation。 After concluded, take it back to test each inscriptions。
If the context is more fluent, it is likely to be correct。
"After a test release of the results are published, the availability of reference and recognized academic, verification takes time。 Some acknowledged word has been released, with the discovery of new materials, it may be overturned, the academic is so slow but steady progress with。   Teachers and research center of the media, as well as references to the publication of textbooks, Oracle introduced a mistake often can not help but Tucao。
Some Oracle illustrations using the word "pseudo-film", and some photographs or rubbing directly on upside down。
On the origin of some of the words often do nonsense words too literally, many rumors。 Mobo Feng introduced, "an oracle bones like a historical figure, which we mention the word, it would be Bin group, which group, or yellow group calendar group, nameless group, each pieces of bones has its own code, different code It means different excavated sites, Shuji method, drilling forms, inscriptions format。
"More people talks about the Oracle, but lack the necessary understanding。
I wish our experts have the time to write a few brief but extremely accurate and interesting brochure。 "But the more research the more you think, do not know something than to have to figure out, and this is the reason we wrote the article more careful。
"Feng said Maubeuge。