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Lumbar disc really grueling!(1)

  Is one of the more common symptoms of bone pain, mainly because the various parts of lumbar intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus, annulus fibrosus and cartilage plate), especially in the nucleus, after varying degrees of degenerative changes in the role of external factors, the disc rupture of the annulus fibrosus, nucleus pulposus protruding (or extrusion) from the broken place behind or within the spinal canal, leading to the adjacent spinal nerve root irritation or compression suffered, resulting in back pain, lower extremity side of the lower or numbness, pain and other symptoms。Lumbar disc herniation in the lumbar 4?5, 1 5 – S1 lumbar pain highest rate of about 95%。  1.General signs (1) lumbar scoliosis: a posture to alleviate pain compensatory deformities。
The relationship between the visual parts of the prominent nucleus and nerve root while the performance of different bent spine bent toward the contralateral or ipsilateral。The nucleus pulposus protruding portion located inner side of the spinal nerve root, due to curvature of the spine to the affected spinal nerve root can reduce tension, the ipsilateral lumbar bent; conversely, projections such ridges located in the nerve root outside, the lumbar multi bent contralateral。  (2) waist activity limitation: Most patients have varying degrees of waist limited mobility, especially the acute phase, which formerly restricted flexor most obvious, because when the nucleus can further promote flexion backward shift, and increase traction on the nerve root compression。
  (3) tenderness, percussion pain and tenderness, and muscle spasm sacrospinal percussion pain parts substantially coincide with the intervertebral diseases, 80%?90% of cases were positive。In the spinous process percussion pain obvious, based tapping vibration induced lesion。Paravertebral tenderness mainly located 1 cm, radiating pain may occur along the sciatic nerve。
About one-third of patients with lumbar sacral spine muscle spasm。
  Prevention of disease is the accumulation of degeneration on the basis of injury caused by the accumulation of injuries will increase the disc degeneration, so focus on prevention is to reduce the accumulation of injuries。Usually have good posture, the bed should not be too soft during sleep。Long-term desk workers need to pay attention to tables, chairs height, regular changes in posture。
Work often need to bend over actor, should be regularly, stretch, chest activity, and use of a wide belt。
Should strengthen the lower back muscle training, increase the inherent stability of the spine, long-term use of waist circumference were, in particular, need attention back muscle exercise, to prevent the loss of muscle atrophy adverse consequences。For bending extract is preferably used hip flexion, knee squat mode, reducing the pressure on the rear of lumbar intervertebral disc。