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Chinese beauty staged "White Nights Pupil" lock theft suspects BMW

October 12 electric Recently, the Sydney Chinese beauty Lu (a pseudonym) has just moved into a new home only a week, he suffered a burglary, burglary horrors, worth tens of thousands of Australian dollars (about $ 100 yuan) BMW and designer handbags are swept wash a space。 Because, according to reports today in Sydney, realized that home into a thief Lucy first time the police。 In addition to car theft, the gel also stole three designer bags and some cash, the total value of the loss of tens of thousands of Australian dollars。
In addition, the bag bank card, driver's license and health insurance card, also stolen all together。
Because there is no progress in the police, and yet their own cameras installed inside the building, exposed and friends decided to find its comprehensive monitoring picture can be seen, the man initially hovering near Lu home, drive away later BMW, and return on suspicion of second degree site, stole handbags。
Day morning, he stayed for three hours at least around the scene。
According to Lucy recalls, stolen BMW car with a set of house keys, "the thief might be found after car theft door key, and then back again before burglary。
"According to reports, the new building this building just settlement, there is no installation of cameras, mostly Chinese new arrival。
Lucy Chinese want to live here can sound the alarm, raise awareness。 (Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Case Review: at 2:12 on September 30 suspects were driving a Toyota four-wheel came, parked in the open door of the alley; Source: Today Australia APP2: 13am suspects get off into the dew the door of the alley; source: today Australia APP2: 13-2: 51am suspects have been wandering in a residential area near the suspected Capitol; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP2: 37amLucy driving home, the suspect entered activities range; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP2: 51am suspects to return to their car; source: today Australia APP2: 53am suspects drive away; source: today Australia APP3: 3:00 aM suspects people walk back garage where Lucy BMW; source: today Australia APP3: 11amLucy BMW looks to be pulled out of the garage; source: today Australia APP source: today Australia APP5: 10.00-16.00 suspects again appear on the screen, she was photographed holding a black handbag quickly ran out of the alley。 Source: Today Australia APP Source: Today Australia APP Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。