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For more than 1600 yuan bank to recover depositors: Did not you say from the cabinet shall not be responsible for it | depositors | not saying | Bank

  Prompt formalities at the bank counter, often visible "money face to face point clear, the cabinet shall not be responsible from" like。   Recently, Ms. Qin Zhejiang Cixi a bank teller 22,400 yuan, 24,000 yuan bank gave Miss Qin。
Later, Miss Xiang Qin bank to beg for an extra 1,600 yuan, Ms. Qin was rejected。   Net bank transfer to "unjust enrichment" as an excuse to Ms. Qin court。
Ms. Qin has insisted on this, Bank of depositors money "from the cabinet shall not be responsible," she "from the cabinet shall not be responsible."。
A similar error, the two sides really are not responsible for it?  How "from the cabinet shall not be responsible for" reality "Well done, the bank can not be double standards, say 'is not responsible,' Why ask people for money?"This reflects the comments of friends some people's attitude。   "In fact, now many banks have not mentioned this statement, but in some towns and other places do have this card tips。
"A bank staff told reporters。
  "Earlier Our intention is to remind the customer leaving the checkout money, but we think that statement may seem a bit overbearing。
"Reporters asked whether such a declaration is unilateral provisions of banks in order to avoid responsibility made, the staff said 'not convenient to answer'。   She said that in the counter actual work process, overcharged depositors' money called "long money", undercharged called "short money", "can not offset length, even if the day two strokes out of the question, Curry money The total number of no problem, still have to clear a pen。 "It is understood that since found a short paragraph, the parties confirmed that although depositors collection takes a long time and sometimes difficult, but because they belong to very serious errors in business processes, the bank will do everything possible to fulfill this obligation。   "We really work appeared mistakes, we should take responsibility。 However, depositors can understand about our work, people are not err too, have been pinched money not yet, we are very distressed, only through legal means。
"Reporters asked if the long section of the case, whether the rights of depositors from the cabinet can not。 Staff said, "as long as possible to obtain surveillance or use documents to prove the money to do less, we will certainly return in the actual operation of。 If therefore the complaint, staff bonuses will be affected throughout the year, the Internet, said the bank refused to return the money, basically misunderstanding and misinformation。 "" For the banks, only the account level or uneven difference, whether long paragraph short paragraph as long as the accounts do not add up, we are the same headache。 "Staff says。
  According to a statement of what?  Although the operation will be done in time, but the banks really have the right to declare "from the cabinet shall not be responsible for" it, the reporter consulted experts。   It is understood that, "People's Republic of China Contract Law" Article 69, paragraph 2: Standard terms are a party for repeated use drawn up in advance, and did not consult with each other at the time of conclusion of the contract terms。   "Because between banks and their customers in order to provide a service for the content of the agreement, which provisions 'from the cabinet shall not be responsible', belonging to the terms of the format established by the bank unilaterally。 "Beijing Ocean Law Firm represents Sunhu。
  SUN Hu also stressed that according to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 39 of the Contract Law of China, the party supplying the standard terms shall follow the principle of fairness define the rights and obligations between the parties, and take reasonable way to draw attention to the other party are excluded or limited Terms of responsibility, as well, and shall explain the terms in accordance with the requirements of the other。 And "shall not be responsible for" this "simple and crude," the statement clearly does not comply with this regulation。
  "There is a similar statement appears to be more common in life。
"Tianjin Binhai New Area People's Court official told reporters。   " 'Final interpretation' was originally a legal concept covering a wide range of content, but it is often used to evade any responsibility for the business。 And 'away from the cabinet shall not be responsible' Similarly, these statements are to develop the terms of improper party for its own sake unilaterally announced。 "It is understood that under the provisions of contract law, businesses 'final interpretation' clause does not exempt it shall bear legal liability。
  After the error occurs how to deal with if I met this kind of thing, I should be how to maintain the legitimate rights and interests?More money or not really does not responsible?This is a topic of concern to many people。
  "Keep documents require retrieval of surveillance video, this is the most direct and effective means。
"Tianjin Binhai New Area People's Court trial prison court vice president, said Li Ruikai。
  "The situation of the bank less money to appear, depositors need not worry, you can request to view representations to monitor the banks, the banks shall provide assistance。 And if the situation appears more than get the money, we must also actively cooperate with the bank, promptly return the excess。 Doing so may face legal responsibility to recover。
"There is no legal basis to obtain improper benefits, causing losses to others, the illegal profits shall be returned to the people affected by the loss of。
  Likai Rui told reporters: "rights needs in the right way, the face of omissions bank depositors should also maintain your sanity。
Ms. Qin to the news' from the cabinet shall not be responsible 'refused to return the money, and sometimes mood swings can also understand this joke, but the actual loss caused by the banks still refuse to return, is real' was inappropriate Lee ', that is a violation。
"Original title: bank more than 1600 yuan want to reclaim, depositors: You do not say 'shall not be responsible from the cabinet' it?。