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March 23 front-page contents of the four major securities newspaper summary of the essence of | the four major securities newspaper

  China Securities Journal open market operations interest rates up slightly Fed rate hike limited impact, experts say the Fed to raise interest rates have an impact on China's foreign exchange market, but has little direct impact on the stock market and bond market。 According to the current economic situation and the financial situation of supply and demand, the central bank monetary policy tone will continue, "not loose not tight" sound neutral, will not be significantly affected by the Fed's policy direction。   Show the effect of adjusting the Beijing property market volume and price decline over the past year, Beijing introduced more than 30 times the relevant control measures。 In this context, whether it is a new house or second-hand housing, whether ordinary residential or commercial buildings, whether it is six districts of the city or suburban area, volume and price fell to varying degrees。
    Industry insiders estimate that the four listed insurance firms profit growth will significantly exceed market expectations, venture capital investment rate of return will continue to maintain a steady increase is expected in 2018, venture capital configure the equity assets of value is still blue chips stocks dominated the White Horse investment will shrink slightly in Hong Kong。
In the overall configuration of the structure remains stable pattern of alternative investments is expected to increase the proportion of。   Shanghai Securities News since March, A shares time shares sector has maintained a high degree of activity, leading stocks out of the wave is amazing "Nine board" trend。 However, not all time shares are able to have strong performance, just a week ago, just refresh the fastest recovery of new shares break record since the normalization issue。
Between the strong and weak, reflecting the latest changes in the capital stock in the sector sub-shares ideas。
    March 22, the State Council issued "guidance on the promotion of global tourism development" (hereinafter "Opinion"), proposed to speed up the tourism supply-side structural reforms, efforts to promote the tourism industry shift from economy to economy tickets from extensive fine way to change inefficient and efficient way, from a closed to an open cycle tour from "travel +" changes to achieve the global development of tourism, the quality of the tourism supply, tourism management standardization, to maximize tourism benefits of the main objectives。   Securities Times Mobile Payment lose ground: ATM machine frustrated two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh industry believes that mobile payment menacing, will eliminate a number of industries, will drive the rise of a number of industries, such as the production of two-dimensional code scan code reader business is one of the beneficiaries。
  % Have been rare!Trust passage rates soared after the Spring Festival market participants referred to digital, if the asset side there is some defect, will further push up the trust channel rates。
"%?This channel% rate in the market is not the case。 "Stakeholders reflect。   This year the first batch of battery power or welcome the influx of capital to seize ten billion retirement recycling market Recently, the State 7 ministries jointly issued the "new energy automobile power battery recycling Interim Measures" to further promote the industry to build a recycling system。 Some analysts believe that, with the capital from various quarters to seize the layout, scale battery recycling is expected to seek collapsed in 2018, to form a new outlet in the next ten billion。
  Securities Daily crude oil futures market traders outside the countdown to introduce a comprehensive industry believes the move will improve China's pricing power in the global oil market, but also the expansion of China's external financial opening up an important measure。
  7 days a slight increase in the central bank reverse repo rate or the efficacy of "three birds with one stone" had been due for two consecutive days suspended reverse repurchase operations, the central bank yesterday symbolic restoration reverse repurchase operations and increase the successful rate, which aims to reflect market conditions delivered to the market open market operations to adjust the interest rate information。
Expected to follow reasonable liquidity will continue to show steady state, reverse repurchase may continue to be suspended。   RMB exchange rate yesterday rose 229 basis points short-term high probability of a smooth continuation analysts believe that yesterday's Bank of China implemented "following the rate hike," a move that will help maintain the recent US interest rate has narrowed the range, with the RMB exchange rate a supporting role。