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Victoria secret show this year, in addition to Shanghai, Liu Wen also selected these big legs

August 30 electricity from the annual feast –2017 beautiful close-dimensional show is getting closer!Sexy models, beautiful lingerie, cool show……The annual big show will attract many people's attention。
According to the British edition reported, 2017 Victoria secret magic show will be held in both Shanghai, although a specific date has not been released catwalk, but by convention, a big show will be staged in November, early December it will be able to see the full。
This year's show a few days ago Victoria secret model interview began, the results of the interview has been gradually out。 Since this year is the first held in Asia, the number of China's little sister is also more than the previous。
The Chinese have been identified catwalk supermodel total of 7。
Familiar faces | welcomeback Liu Wen wearing a green military shirt, denim skirt next ride。
Shirt worn half plug half, really big cousin to the interview gas field full。 This will be the sixth Liu Wen boarded-dimensional stage close friends, Sahua!Sui He almost white to light-emitting goddess of Sui He, did not appear in the audition scene, but took part in a video interview to be selected。 This was her seventh in a secret dimension, visible dimension close to Sui He is love ah!This is a native of Shanghai Ximeng Yao Ximeng Yao fifth set foot on a big show of Victoria secret?station!She was wearing jeans with suspenders, long legs invincible, sweet smile and waved to the lens, like her playful sexy tone。
The 2015 mid-dimensional dense show, Ximeng Yao got angel wings composed of a balloon, is the first time China's Next Top Model has wings of their own, there are wood was amazing?Xiao Wen Ju Xiao Wen Ju legs Guards this year will continue to take the secret dimension。 Small stationery on the microblogging always photographed without makeup, like she was weird, real not contrived character。
Shu Pei Qin transferred to post-comeback before vigorous walking-dimensional dense Shu Pei Qin, finally lost the election……But more exciting than the catwalk or gossip, unsuccessful After the news, her ex-husband and current husband Edison suspected innuendo hate each other on the microblogging, but also a very Oh。 This year there are two new generation of supermodel appeared equally interesting!New faces | 2016, one of the most noteworthy of the new generation of new models after 95 Sechin Sechin has a lovely baby-faced girl, has been identified appear in the Victoria secret show。
Look at her microblogging number of fans less than thirty thousand even Baidu Encyclopedia, it is simply the catwalk Guomo dimensional dense dark horse。
A little looking forward to it!Chen Yu Chen Yu also involved in the first show of this year, only 19 years old, height 178 cm, French-Chinese, last year just attended the college entrance examination in France。 In 2015 only 17-year-old Chen Yu, first took to the Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter?Taiwan, becoming the only Chinese face this season, after also boarded the Italian version of the cover of fashion。
Modeling career in full swing, but also the new generation of rookie Matou。
These bits of light from the tall supermodel appearance point of view, who do you like most?We expect Chinese girl Mei Mei's clothes can be assigned!Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。