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Chinese consumer confidence hit a new high since May 2014

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News 30 am Beijing time news, stock market crash since June did not have much impact on Chinese consumers, the latest data show that China's consumer confidence hit its highest level in more than a year in September。  By the Australian Westpac (Westpac Bank) and the German Stock Exchange's international market News Agency (MNI) jointly issued by the China Consumer Confidence Index (Westpac Bank MNI China Consumer Confidence Index) in September from August's 116.5 was raised to 118.2, since May 2014 the highest level。Chinese consumer confidence index since 2007 trends Westpac said in a report, Chinese families seem positive on the recent series of policy responses, including last month's interest rate cuts and the introduction of new state-owned enterprise reform program。  Westpac said in September two measurable business environment indicators are sharply higher, which next year breakdown of the business environment in the past two years, the highest level in the next five years, the business environment has also increased breakdown。  "Surprisingly, the Chinese consumer confidence is currently just below the long-term average 1.7%。Consumer views on the property market also turned a mild positive, "Westpac senior economist Matthew Hassan said the case。(Tony compilation)