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Taiwan authorities issued cheap trick to make large prospective principals Kuan Chung-ming three bursts of attack

Kuan Chung-ming (left) yesterday broke his silence。 (Source: Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper") reported that the National Taiwan University, principal selection committee Jan. 5 to elect a new president Kuan Chung-ming, has more than two and a half months, but the "Ministry of Education" insist on not offered appointment and continuing basis specific media, academics and other sources broke the news, joint "Control Yuan", the North seized and other units of multi-channel "stuck pipe", a series of allegations Kuan Chung-ming independent director revealed plagiarism, the mainland part-time, "national security" leaks, etc.。 Kuan Chung-ming period in addition to receiving specific media interviews twice, hardly spoke outside, only occasionally make their voice heard through Facebook。   Seeing as stuck pipe case snowball Yuyan exaggeration, the tube 3 of the utterance Min 22。 Morning, in the face of the book posted within the text of Mark Twain's 1870 novel "run for governor" in the "want to get rid of this attack, simply no way," "That's a lot of unfounded allegations and those nasty vicious rumor" " used to be a decent person, but now a perjurer, thief, ghouls guilty, wine madman, fraud molecules and blackmail experts "seem to write the best three months of voices; protagonist final outcome is to abandon the campaign, Kuan Chung-ming is to "Ministry of Education" the courage to take。   He accepted another "late-linked" interview, because that can not hate him, the use of false accusations "lethal", Taiwan academia never happen so long, rumors continued to use administrative means, to discredit the political terror attacks; various the allegations are unwarranted, but also the mobilization of ethnic hatred Taiwan University autonomy and academic freedom completely empty of bones of the body, "now go to college McCarthyism big witch-hunt?"Kuan Chung-ming said, there must be a thing paragraph。 If the "Ministry of Education" insist on not offered appointment, direct explanation, let NTU president quickly re-election, or to send recruits law。 He also explained will be patient, persist to this day, one to "stick to university autonomy and academic freedom", the second is that "social trust, integrity and spirit not to be washed away."。   Kuan Chung-ming once again issued a statement, university presidents selection, according to the "University Law" as the Selection Committee president powers in the face of the book in the afternoon; this year, January 5 won Selection Committee Taiwan University President elected in accordance with law for the president-elect, and report to the "education Department of "employment, government departments and government forces have continued to manufacture the media false accusations trumped, 'Ministry of Education' coupled with slack prevarication, delay in making the appointment Heshi case, has made Taiwan University school map out, with the annual decision-making financial planning create difficulties, and requested "Ministry of Education" before the end of March whether the prospective appointment letter shows。 (China Taiwan Network Juanzi)。