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Deutsche Bank: more optimistic about Alibaba rather than Jingdong

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 15 news, with the big cities become saturated, the future of China's e-commerce growth points in rural areas。  Ali Baba and the Jingdong currently are actively layout of the rural market, including the sale of seed, fertilizer, farm machinery and other agricultural products。According to a recent survey, only about 10% of rural consumers often said that the purchase of agricultural products online。  Smart phones began to spread in rural areas。About 64% of rural residents through mobile shopping, compared with only 36% of shopping by computer。  In the survey, approximately 74 percent of rural residents said Alibaba [microblogging] Taobao and Tmall [microblogging] is that they frequently visited e-commerce site, only 19% of respondents said Jingdong One shop and so on B2C website is the preferred shopping sites。  Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) analyst Alan Hellawell III and Vivian Hao pointed out that the data "reflects the Alibaba as a powerful brand recognition, China's largest e-commerce platform"。  Rural consumers purchased the greatest dissatisfaction with the implementation of the above network in logistics and order。About 18% of rural residents are not satisfied with the logistics, "the proportion is much higher than a second-tier city consumers."。  This is why Deutsche Bank analysts are more optimistic about the reasons Alibaba rather than Jingdong。  Deutsche Bank wrote in a report: "We believe that logistics will be the occupation of the rural market is the most important means of competition。"Ali Baba-based advertising as a big market, it does not accumulate inventory or delivery, direct marketing and e-commerce Jingdong belong to, rely on their own distribution and delivery systems。  "Jingdong rural strategy may prove too costly。Rural consumers spending power is much lower than first-tier cities of consumers, "Deutsche Bank analyst said the case。  Deutsche Bank Alibaba buy rating on the stock, Jingdong hold rating on the stock。(Shofu compilation)