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Something about the data: first eastern end of the ancient god Rockets winning streak level operation

  Beijing on March 10, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of 10 games, following is some interesting data that appear in these games。   Today ends the first section will be leading the Raptors to 32-16, and ultimately to 108-105 victory over the Rockets, ending the opponent's 17-game winning streak。
When made on a 15+ game winning streak against opponents, single or two more than the opponent can score double the NBA team, the Detroit Falcons January 1, 1947 of (DetroitFalcons)。
17-game winning streak against the day of Congress in Washington, the Falcons will be the first half to lead 35-17, and ultimately to 62-57 victory。
  Despite the defeat of the field, but James – Harden still had a game high 40 points, the third consecutive time fighting off the Raptors scored 40 +。 The last 3 consecutive away game against the same opponents are scoring 40 +, is in February 2015 to December 2016 for Pelican Russell – Westbrook。
  In today's 99-83 victory over the Pistons at Bulls, Andre – Drummond had 17 rebounds, grabbed 1010 rebounds were season。
This is the fourth consecutive Drummond thousands rebounds last season, ranking second in the NBA for nearly 35 years, second only to 2005-062010-11 season of Dwight – Howard (6 consecutive seasons)。   Today at 87-112 loss to the Pacers, Hawks rookie Taylor – Dorsey had swept the team in the second half for 18 points, tied LeBron – James (November 22) and Louis – Williams ( January 10), tied for third this season, second only to German January 16 – the Booker (for 21 minutes) and November 18 of Rodney – Hood (continuous 19 points)。
On many points in a row to sweep the Hawks team, 2002 March 4 game against the Grizzlies Tony – Kukoc (for 19 minutes)。 In addition, Dorsey is the only rookie single-game sweep team had 18 consecutive points among active players。
  Today Nuggets 125-116 victory over the Lakers, the two sides 10 starts, nine people hit score 12+ 5+ rebounds, Jamal only – Murray (22 points, 3 rebounds), except。 Nearly 25 years in the game to overtime without a fight, the warring parties have at least nine starters played such performance, this is the first time。
February 5, 1993, the Hornets to 118-111 victory over the Bucks, the two sides also have nine starters scored 12+ rebounds 5+。   Today, Otto – Porter scored 19 points, the Wizards to 116-97 win over Pelican, ending the opponent's 10-game winning streak。 19 points tied for nearly eight seasons, NBA teams at the end of the road opponents double-digit winning streak of the biggest points difference。
Just two weeks ago, on February 23 this year, the Trail Blazers 100-81 on the road just to end the Jazz's 11-game winning streak。   Today, Jay – Claude had a game high 22 points off the bench, the rate of the Jazz to 95-78 win over Grizzlies。 This is the eighth time this season the Jazz won on the road at least 15 points, tied the Warriors and Toronto Raptors, NBA tied for second after the rocket (11)。   Today, three quarters cruised to only 2 points ahead of the Bucks, but in the distal shot 29-23 to 120-112 win over Knicks。
The fourth quarter, the Bucks turnovers six times, the opponent failed to manufacture a mistake。
While opponents on a distal zero turnovers own mistakes so many times, but still able margin of victory is the Hornets in December 2015 of (field 2 even 3 times, opponents are piston and Memphis)。 (Demons)。