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Flying Butterfly difficult situation strange

Years rain like an hourglass that time“The rhythm”Flowing non-stop, standing in the corner of history, walking towards me wisp of wind, cold wind this thread, there is no lack of light in her heavy, intense lacking in calm, she brought to this world of ancient beacon to ignite the flames of war, the day of her aid Aurora light up the night of confusion, the essence of the ancients thought of coldness in action reflects the footsteps of people today, most people Huaguang contrasting spirit of the ancient logical thinking, ancient and modern people, a past life a life, that they should be the same otherworldly, not the same as the behavior of the ancients interpretation of a past can not be copied, and now people's behavior has created an insurmountable future。Whether ancient or modern people, in their footsteps of life, their love will light up, love the mountains so that they listen to the mountain stream Concert love, love of the ocean to make them taste the highest power of love is a dream, over the life of the sea , over the years Kuwata, a perpetual vows of love let the hearts of the ancients ripples of love, but also to people today dream of love thrown thoughts。    Tang and Song dream passes through the wind and rain, time back to that armored cavalry, people are destitute of the Northern Song Dynasty, Song was when the corruption of appetite, repeated aggression of Jin's, when the Northern Song Dynasty birth to a baby boy, he is later go down in history of the patriotic poet——Lu。Lu was born in a courtiers, he was displaced with his family in infancy, childhood and he resolved to kill Hu national salvation。Time flies, the passage of time, twenty years later, Lu has grown into a handsome and refined, suave romantic youth, he grew up in the years to come, a gentle, beautiful and kind girl with Lu grew up together on the ground childhood Liangxiaowucai grew up in Erbinsimo the two had a deep love, the girl, she is the cousin Lu——Tang Wan, then the sound of his family's blessing, Lu You and Tang Wan marry and become a loving couple。They married Fuchangfusui world of band, often you write poetry Fu word to me, you come to my painting grind, wind and early morning, the two were facing the sun listening to the wind and rain, a total of Yin style; sunset on Long , the two were at the moon toast on the invitation, a total of v. Zhongchang, romantic, the two Juanqimei; drawing near, the two poems and couplets, they Raider in pairs, one pair of limp walk like a butterfly in the flowers, lightly Dancing with。However, just when they are bathed in the warm of love, Lu's mother——A mother under the feudal ethics angry, she is dissatisfied with Lu You and Tang Wan poetic day of life, she thinks it is the daughter Tang Wan Lu defeated the son of studying hard, fight to win fame, so she ordered a piece of paper off the book Lu son Hugh Tang Wan。What a sad ending ah!Taken in the abusive mother, under Lu You and Tang Wan desperation can only live with each other, the Ben End of the World。Under wreck mandarin duck mandarin duck, Lu You and Tang Wan later each married, but had a deep friendship, ever deeper and deeper in love, let both from Acacia intolerable, are difficult to extricate themselves, in Acacia unforgettable, the Lu was finally pass the examination, however, fame and fortune and did not let out Tang Wan Lu you forget, in order to resolve melancholy, he often wander alone in the mountains between poetry and painting, or sit in the mountains Exploring Onodera in Cuba, so live a life of debauchery swimming。    Years later, in a sunny afternoon, Lu You and Tang Wan wandered past had to play with Shen Garden, this time Shen Yuan, Liu dance Yingti, emerald flower leaves, through a quiet trail is lined with azaleas proudly bloom, tortuous woods road full of melancholy like that Lu-minded people no end in sight。Walking through the flowers and trees, garden layout and elegant Shen, Tang Wan Lu eyes suddenly see positive Lianbuqingyi, melancholy stretch of land came to their own, Lu rubbed his eyes, he thought he was dreaming, thought it was because excessive their own thoughts and hallucinations, but, when he was again looking at the Tang Wan gaunt, are looking bleak with both a surprise and excitement, both happy and sad eyes looked at their own time, Lu realized I really the sink is in the garden and reunited Tang Wan。But after four items in the sea, but against Tang Wan Lu left a deep glance at the sad look of plaintive expression in it from Lu gone, leaving only Lu stared in a daze in the flowers。Warm spring breeze blowing Lu's face, floating down the wind and willow catkins in the distance looked, he saw Tang Wan Shi Cheng Zhao husband was drinking and dining on the waterside pool, Tang Wan brow Weicu this time, intentionally or unintentionally revealing a pair Jon tea and toast each other in the hand, the odd glass of slow drink, look at this familiar scene, Lu could not help but grief, so Gankaiwanduan, pick up a pen to put on a tie Reproduction Fenbi:“Red crisp hand, Huang Teng wine, the city walls of the palace Spring Liu; Dongfeng evil, joy love thin, a cup of melancholy, a few years away from the cable, wrong, wrong, wrong。Spring as the old man an empty thin, raw silk through the shark tears sad red; peach down, leisure pool Court, although in Union Hill, Kam book difficult to care, Mo, Mo, Mo。”    What a tragic and sad love ah, love is both an elegy since ancient times, is a singing, she was sad when you can make rivers cry, let heaven and earth moved; but her joy when the sun and the moon but can Hui, co-existence with the world。Too many joys and sorrows of love and hate and make love covered with a veil of mystery, we sometimes see if the love of a naive young girl, she was shy noodles, too white, gently swing posture in the drift love sweet and pleasant smile; but more often, love is more like a sad Jour, she burst into tears, distraught, scattered words reveal soaked in a painful love sad face。But whether love is sweet or is it sad, since ancient times, people chase love is like moths to a flame, always unafraid of death, duty-bound, as previously complained of Lu You and Tang Wan, their lives, both in taste to make love Gan if yee's sweet, too bitter swig of people love the pain harder and harder, but whether it is bitter sweet Ye Hao worth mentioning, only experienced love hot and sour bitter sweet romance of love and life is a perfect life, we know the pain too blessing, we know the pain of too sweet, rich experience of love can make people cherish the happiness has been in the hands of complete love of life can make people more aware of the meaning of love in the success or failure of。In China's long and lengthy history, such as love elegy and Tang Wan abound, whether it is romantic Cowherd and Weaver Girl, White Snake and Xu Xian or tragedy, but also whether it is poignant Butterfly Lovers , or is Chang E and Hou Yi helpless in their love exudes aromatic fragrance, though eventually they were married can not fly together, but first, they all suck drink this cup of the wine of love glycol , bathed love this rain rain, they both smell the fragrance of love flower roses, but also touched the edge of love the rose thorns, but in the end, they will loudly and said:“For love, we have no regrets!”    Hill stalwart carrying the deep love, tenderness emerge out of the water romantic love, there is always a mountain of oath to soothe feelings of love, there are always a pleasure to declare water a love heart, wading across a thousand mountains Wan-shui, love, growing at an open-minded, a calm, a magnanimous, a leisurely quietly into our mind and in our hearts into a lush paradise for a love, a love of mixing a dip in the time of Guangmang, which Guangmang such as towering mountains, vast like an ocean, so that each person in Guangmang bathed in the glory of human nature are flashing and the sweetness of life, if love, never let the difficult butterfly lovers Flying strange situation。    Aromatic attacks written in June 30, 2014